I feel like I haven’t properly blogged in ages and so it’s no surprise that I failed to write my June roundup last month. Lazy me tried to convince my Inner Monk that it’s okay to miss out one monthly recap but as you can see in this post’s headline, lazy me eventually lost – […]

To be honest I’m really glad that May is finally over because it was the most exhausting month EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but it was definitely exhausting 😀 I had four family birthdays that I had to attend (waaaay too much socializing for just one month…), work was also quite stressful and the little free […]

May felt like a pretty average month regarding my monthly book haul even though it’s somewhat remarkable that I didn’t have a single impulse buy last month – but in the end I still ended up with 12 new books and audiobooks 😀

I still miss the times when I managed to read 15 or more books per month and not just eight as in April but at least the quality of the books I’ve read improved compared to the rather poor March. 6 out of 8 books got 4 stars or higher but some of them still felt like a […]

You might remember from my previous newbie post that my March book haul got a little bit out of hand, so I’m relieved that April didn’t continue my downfall but left me with a still reasonable number of new books – nine new books & eBooks isn’t that much, right? 😉 And two of them didn’t even […]

2016 hasn’t been a very successful year of reading so far and I feel like March has been a new low since I’ve read awfully little last month with only 7 finished books 🙁 I’m not really in a reading slump but somehow I’ve been kept busy by other things – at least that’s what […]

Oh my… for most of March I thought I was pretty good at restraining myself from getting too many new books but on the last day of the month I completely lost it 😀 Since it was pretty clear that I wouldn’t be winning this month’s TBR battle point against Crini I thought to myself […]

I wish I could say that February was just as a successful reading month as January, but that would be a lie 😛 I only managed to read/listen to 9 books and got more books than planned so when it comes to the reduction of my TBR pile I pretty much ruined everything I had […]

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve – whether you were partying or cuddling up with a book like a true bookworm^^ – and I wish you all the best for 2016! May you read lots of amazing books, meet great (bookish) people and achieve all you goals you […]

Bis zum neuen Jahr sind es zwar noch ein paar Wochen hin, trotzdem habe ich mir das erste Highlight schon in meinem gedanklichen Terminplaner notiert: Petzi von Die Liebe zu den Büchern und Ramona vom Kielfeder-Blog haben für 2016 nämlich das „Jahr des Taschenbuchs“ ausgerufen und wollen damit nicht nur auf den Rückgang der Taschenbuch-Verkäufe […]

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