May felt like a pretty average month regarding my monthly book haul even though it’s somewhat remarkable that I didn’t have a single impulse buy last month – but in the end I still ended up with 12 new books and audiobooks 😀


If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might have already seen that I’m hosting a Smoky Barrett read-along at the moment during which I’m going to (re)read one of my favorite thriller series before the fifth book comes out in September.

Since I read the first three books on my iPad ages ago and always wanted to have physical copies for my shelves I decided to finally get myself the pretty PBs for the read-along and therefore bought „Die Blutlinie“ („Shadow Man“), „Der Todeskünstler“ („The Face of Death“), „Das Böse in uns“ („The Darker Side“) and „Ausgelöscht“ („Abandoned“).


I had 3 books preordered for May and was definitely most excited about „The Last Star“, the final book in Rick Yancey’s „The 5th Wave“ trilogy. Of course I had to read it right away but unfortunately have to say that I’m a bit disappointed by the ending…

„Dark Energy“ is the new book by Robison Wells (yes, the brother of Dan Wells!^^) and while the blurb hints at a typical alien story I’m still looking forward to read it because I LOVED his Variant duology and am hoping for a book that is equally thrilling.

I’m also VERY excited about „Hex“, a horror novel written by the Dutch (yay!) author Thomas Olde Heuveult. And if you want to know what made me want to read it, then just read the following tweet by the master of horror himself:

Neu_Mai5Don’t laugh, but I even got a (very late) Christmas present in May because my friend who moved to Boston a few years ago forgot to give it to me while he visited his family for Christmas, so I had to wait for his next trip to Germany to get it xD Long story short: I finally got „Empire State“ by Adam Christopher, a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages because „superhero-noir fantasy thriller set in an alternate history New York“ plus LOOK AT THAT COVER!

„Das Netz“ by Fredrik T. Olsson is the sequel to a Swedish thriller I’ve read in 2014 and enjoyed a lot, so I was very happy when I received a review copy from the German publisher.


Another review copy I was VERY excited to receive was „Ghostly Echoes“ by William Ritter, the third Jackaby novel which is coming out at the end of August. I’m really curious about how the books picks up the storyline from the second book and I’m hoping for lots of bantering between Jackaby and Abigail 😀

I only got two new audiobooks in May but chose them wisely – well, hopefully… 😀 The first one I got was „Feed“ by Mira Grant, the first book of the Newsflesh trilogy which deals with a zombie apocalypse, but with the interesting twist that it shows it from the POV of a blogger.

The last book I got in May was „Die mir den Tod wünschen“ („Those who wish me dead“) by Michael Koryta, a survival thriller set in the woods of Montana. Maybe it’s the perfect audiobook to get myself in the right mood for my Canada trip in August… (yes, I know that Montana is not in Canada :P)

Which new books did you get last month?
Have you already read some of my latest acquisitions?

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  • I really like the covers for the Smoky Barrett series! They’re a lot better than the U.S. editions my library has.

    Hahaha, are you sure you trust Stephen King’s opinion after his reaction to „The 100“? xD But the Dutch horror novel does sound really good!

    Ahhh, I still need to listen to „Der Code.“ I thought it was a standalone, though, and I’m a little disappointed that it’s not, haha.

    I HOPE you chose your audiobooks wisely, considering how long they took to pick. xD Canada and Montana are basically the same thing, don’t even worry. I’m sure it’ll be really helpful in case you get lost in the woods on your trip. ;P

    I’m crossing all my fingers that „Beastly Bones“ doesn’t disappoint with the banter!

    • Haha, I just looked up some international covers and I think we Germans have the best ones \o/

      I don’t know, I think I remember that Stephen King even also recommended „A Head Full of Ghosts“, so maybe I shouldn’t get too excited about the book 😀

      Yes, go listen to „Der Code“, it’s really good! And Uve Teschner!!

      Haha, we already read „Beastly Bones“ ;P When are we going to read „Ghostly Echoes“? 😉

      • Haha, set low expectations and maybe it’ll be surprisingly good. 😛

        Yay, now that I can actually understand him, Uve Teschner will definitely motivate me. 🙂

        OMG, I’m just going to stop commenting on your blog. I always embarrass myself. xD But I guess we should read „Ghostly Echoes“ as soon as I leave?