Adapted from The Perpetual Page-Turner I like stats and end-of-year surveys even more than lists, so I’ve been looking forward to compiling mine since the end of last year. I told myself I was going to keep track of various categories as I read, but of course that didn’t end up happening. Fortunately, Crini’s epic […]

This post is part of the Discussion Challenge 2017 hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight The year 2016 seems to have been one of the most hated years in the past decades, and while it’s mostly to blame on the scary political climate and many celebrity deaths last […]

My December book hauls are always unpredictable, not necessarily because it’s Christmas and I would get lots of bookish surprises (I usually only get books I explicitly wish for) but rather because I tend to panic buying books before the year ends so that I can at least try to stick to New Year’s resolutions […]

“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish I think it’s safe to say that we both didn’t read as many books in 2016 as we had originally planned but of course that didn’t keep us from adding lots of new releases to our TBR or even buy them already so that […]

Es ist eine lieb gewonnene Tradition zum Jahreswechsel: Die „BuchSaiten Blogparade“ mit positiven Überraschungen, Enttäuschungen und Entdeckungen des vergangenen Lesejahres sowie einem kleinen Ausblick auf das kommende Jahr. In diesem Jahr hat sich Katrin zwar entschlossen, die Parade nicht mehr selbst zu veranstalten und „nur“ noch als Teilnehmerin mitzumachen, allerdings war die gute Petzi von […]

This is a guest post by the lovely and amazing Maraia. Make sure to follow her on Twitter (@maraiazoo) or Instagram (@lettuce_read) for more bookish (and non-bookish) content! +++ “Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish Thank you, Sebastian, for letting me post this on your blog! I’ve been wanting to write […]

“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish Usually I’ve always been looking forward to the „Best of the year“ Top 10 Tuesday list but to be honest this year I’ve been dreading this topic a little bit because I had the feeling that I hadn’t really read a lot of […]

November wasn’t quite as awesome as October but I finally managed to get some reading done again and read almost as many books in the past 30 days than in the three previous months combined. I’m still a bit behind on my Goodreads challenge and really trying to reach my 2016 goal without having to cheat, so […]

October is always my favorite month because I was born in October, the biggest German book fair takes place in October and I just love autumn in general. But this year October has been even more amazing than usual because Maraia came to visit me for almost the whole month and I even got to […]

It’s been a while since I talked about new books I got on my blog (I was a bit shocked to see that my last „New books on the shelves“ post was from May… oO) but October seems the perfect month for a comeback since I got SO. MANY. BOOKS. Which didn’t really come unexpected because the […]

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