Oh my… for most of March I thought I was pretty good at restraining myself from getting too many new books but on the last day of the month I completely lost it 😀 Since it was pretty clear that I wouldn’t be winning this month’s TBR battle point against Crini I thought to myself „Why not use all the Audible credits I had piled up in the past months AND get a few short stories to feed my Kindle?“. This resulted in me getting 13 audiobooks and eBooks in LESS THAN AN HOUR and almost completely ruined my ambitions to reduce my TBR pile in the first half of 2016. But this epic book haul was also a lot of fun! ;D


I got three physical review copies last month. „Die Strömung“ by Cilla & Rolf Börjlind is the third book in a Swedish crime series (and probably my favorite so far), „Die seltsame Berufung des Mr. Hemmings“ („A Pleasure and a Calling“) by Phil Hogan is a psychological thriller and I also got „Der Psychopath“ by Bram Dehouck – a thriller by a Dutch author with a title like that, doesn’t this sound like the perfect book for me? 😀


I only had one preorder for March and that was Tom Callaghan’s second Inspector Borubaev thriller „Tödlicher Frühling“ („A Spring Betrayal“) – I already read it and liked it a lot!

Then I finally gave in and got myself a copy of „Welcome to Night Vale“ by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. I still have about 35-40 episodes of the podcast to catch up with but I’m already excited to start the book version and pay another visit to the city of Night Vale 🙂

I also spontaneously ordered „Evil at Heart“ by Chelsea Cain since I had the chance to get the BIG paperback rather cheap compared to the usual prize and I can’t wait to meet creepy (but hot!^^) serial killer Gretchen Lowell again! 😀


Bookish surprises are the best! I was lucky to win a signed (!) copy of Jonas Winner’s thriller „Die Zelle“ in a Twitter giveaway and also got a surprise package from Sandy with „Das Mona Lisa Virus“ by Tibor Rode which I’m really looking forward to because I haven’t read a conspiracy thriller in a while and hope it’s a good one! 🙂


Since I was pretty sure that I was going to lose the battle point against Crini this month I though it would be a good opportunity to get ALL THE EBOOKS that have been on my wishlist – well, maybe not all of them, but at least the ones I want to read the most:

  • „Sour Candy“ by Kealan Patrick Burke mostly because of the Hannibal-esque cover^^
  • „Iron to Iron“ by Ryan Graudin even though I didn’t really like „Wolf by Wolf“ but I’m still a bit curious about the story…
  • „The Three Monarchs“ by Anthony Horowitz because I loved his Sherlock Holmes novels!
  • „The Snake“ by Michael Grant so that I can continue the „Messenger of Fear“ series soon
  • „The Blue Girl“ by Alex Grecian because I can’t get enough of his Murder Squad

I also got another eARC from Netgalley because I just couldn’t resist Neil Mackay’s „The Wolf Trial“ – the premise about a medieval serial killer case and the bloody blurb sounded just too good! 😀


Now come all the titles that ultimately led to the newest explosion of my TBR pile because I used all my Audible credits and got EIGHT (!) new audiobooks last month:

  • „Der letzte Pilger“ by Gard Sveen, the start of a new crime series which is set in Norway
  • „Locke & Key“, the audio drama adaption of Joe Hill’s graphic novel series
  • „Der Musentempel“ („The Temple of the Muses“) by John Maddox Roberts, the fourth book of the SPOR series which I haven’t continued in a long time but I was really in the mood for another Roman murder mystery
  • „Mörderische Angst“ („The Dead Will Tell“) by Linda Castillo which I want to listen to before the 7th book in the Kate Burkholder series comes out this summer
  • „Fürchte dich“ by J.S. Carol which I mostly want to read because it was written by the same author who wrote the Jefferson Winter series (under the pseudonym James Carol)
  • „Friedhof der Kuscheltiere“ („Pet Sematary“) by Stephen King because I still need to catch up with King’s old horror novels and also needed another dose of David Nathan 😀
  • „Killgame“ by Andreas Winkelmann, a survival thriller set in the Canadian wilderness
  • „House of Cards“ by Michael Dobbs because I really want to finally start watching the TV show soon but wanted to read the book(s) first

Which new books did you get last month?
Have you already read some of my latest acquisitions?

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