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After the December of Shame where I had gotten waaay too many books January was at least a little progress but it was still a tough month for my TBR. Once again I could claim that most of last month’s book haul wasn’t really my fault because I only bought two print books in January but I […]

My December book hauls are always unpredictable, not necessarily because it’s Christmas and I would get lots of bookish surprises (I usually only get books I explicitly wish for) but rather because I tend to panic buying books before the year ends so that I can at least try to stick to New Year’s resolutions […]

It’s been a while since I talked about new books I got on my blog (I was a bit shocked to see that my last „New books on the shelves“ post was from May… oO) but October seems the perfect month for a comeback since I got SO. MANY. BOOKS. Which didn’t really come unexpected because the […]

May felt like a pretty average month regarding my monthly book haul even though it’s somewhat remarkable that I didn’t have a single impulse buy last month – but in the end I still ended up with 12 new books and audiobooks 😀

You might remember from my previous newbie post that my March book haul got a little bit out of hand, so I’m relieved that April didn’t continue my downfall but left me with a still reasonable number of new books – nine new books & eBooks isn’t that much, right? 😉 And two of them didn’t even […]

Oh my… for most of March I thought I was pretty good at restraining myself from getting too many new books but on the last day of the month I completely lost it 😀 Since it was pretty clear that I wouldn’t be winning this month’s TBR battle point against Crini I thought to myself […]

February was such an amazing bookish month, I wish every month would be like this when it comes to new book releases (though this would probably be disastrous for my TBR and my account balance…^^) Here are all the great books I got last month!

Remember last month when I got all the books? 😀 Compared to December my January book haul is rather boring because I got only five new books at all – and more than half of them are even review copies. I got a lot of the most attractive books on my wishlist for Christmas and since there […]

Originally I didn’t intend to buy a lot of books in December to not let my TBR pile grow any bigger and still be able to end the year with a positive balance – but I guess that didn’t really work out, although I don’t think I alone can be blamed for this because I […]

Ihr erinnert euch sicherlich noch an mein Oktober-Debakel, als ich sage und schreibe 28 neue Bücher gehortet hatte? Im Vergleich dazu kann man meine November-Bilanz schon fast als Erfolg verbuchen, denn ich bin bei meinen Neuzugängen im einstelligen Bereich geblieben und habe meinen sich biegenden Bücherregalen damit Gelegenheit gegeben, ein wenig durchzuschnaufen 😀 Unter den acht neuen Büchern […]

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