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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve – whether you were partying or cuddling up with a book like a true bookworm^^ – and I wish you all the best for 2016! May you read lots of amazing books, meet great (bookish) people and achieve all you goals you set yourself for the new year! 😉

I also want to use this occasion to announce a little (or maybe not so little) change concerning my blog which you might have already noticed when you have read this text until now: starting today there will be regularly posts in English. I’ve been thinking about switching completely from German to English but I’ve been weighing the pros and cons for quite a while but eventually decided against it.

Here’s why I decided to switch at least for some posts: When I started my blog almost 5 years ago I didn’t really expect it to have so much influence on my life and also that I would still be blogging 5 years later. Especially during the past year I’ve noticed that my interaction with other readers and bloggers has become much more international and as a result I have grown more and more unhappy about my blog because I’ve often felt that the German language has become a limitation for me.

I’ve consistently read a lot of English books during the past 5 years and written a review for every single one of them but even though I try not to be influenced too much by statistics like page views etc. I’ve often felt like I wrote them mostly for myself, especially when it came to books that were a bit older and not as popular. For example I read a lot of English thrillers and murder mysteries and it’s actually not easy to find other German readers to talk about these books as long as it’s not the latest Stephen King novel or the new Robert Galbraith mystery which have a big audience in Germany, too. I would love to talk much more about books like these but it’s always a bit annoying if you actually do find someone who has read the same book like you but it’s like „hey, I’d love to tell you in detail what I loved about this book or which books are similar but I can’t show you my review because it’s only in German“…

The same goes for international bookish tags like „Top 10 Tuesday“ for example where I also would love to have more interaction with other readers but can’t because 99% of the participants don’t understand the language and just see some pretty covers but can’t find out what I love about these books. There are also lots of interesting international events or challenges around the blogosphere like „boutofbooks“, „SciFi Month“, „Bookish Scene: Project 52“ and so on but it’s not that much fun to take part in such events when nobody understands you – I know that usually it’s also possible to participate via Twitter etc. but often that’s just not enough and you want to share more of your passion about books but can’t.

So blogging in English became more and more a serious option for me but I don’t think switching completely would be the right way for me. I still read a lot of German books and all my audiobooks are in German as well and I still do enjoy reading books by German authors or listening to my favorite German narrators. I don’t really see the point in writing about these books in English because who would be interested in reading an English review about a German book that probably isn’t even available in your language and maybe never will be? I’m usually also reading quite a few review copies where German publishers naturally expect a German review and I don’t want to have to write reviews twice because my blog is already quite time-consuming and I don’t want to make blogging unnecessarily work-intensive – I still want to have time to actually READ books and not just write about them 😉

I was also worried about scaring away some of my readers by switching to English but on the other hand I think that most of the bookish people I use to interact with read a lot of English books or are even blogging/tweeting/instagramming in English theirselves and those who don’t feel comfortable about reading in English probably also wouldn’t read the posts about English books so that I’m optimistic that this won’t become a problem.

I know that blogging partly in German and partly in English probably isn’t the perfect solution to my blogging problem but it’s the best I could think of and I also realized that it’s my personal blog and therefore I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it, so I’m just going to give it a try and see how it turns out. Maybe I’ll look back in a few weeks and realize that it was all just a big mistake but maybe it also works out better than I’m expecting right now 😀

So from now on all the reviews about English books will actually be written in English, the same goes for posts about international book tag, events and challenges. I will keep blogging about German books in German and also all general post concerning German books, events and challenges (like for example „Das Jahr des Taschenbuchs“) will remain in German. I just want to allow myself to be more flexible in my blogging life and hope you don’t feel offended by this change. 😉

Thanks for your attention and once again: Happy New Year! 😀

P.S.: The (German) blog name stays as it is. I already dislike the current one, I don’t think I could manage to dislike another one 😛 I’m not sure about changing the menu labels etc. though…

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