3 days late but of course we didn’t forget the last part of our „The Flight of the Silvers“-read-along discussion! 😉 We hope those of you who have finished the book yet did enjoy it as as much as we did and can now join us in impatiently waiting for the sequel „The Song of […]

We are slowly entering the final phase of the „Silvers Month“ and this means it’s time for the 3rd part of our read-along discussion! As you may have noticed the Silvers went through some serious trouble during the past chapters and have to face a lot of new problems. Their enemies are coming closer and […]

We are now right in the middle of our „The Flight of the Silvers“ read-along and we hope you’re still enjoying the book! It also means that it’s time for our second discussion round where we would like to talk a little bit about the unsual setting of the story, one of its mysterious characters and about how you […]

It’s been four days since we started our „The Flight of the Silvers“ read-along which means it’s time for our first little discussion! We hope some of you have already started reading yet and are enjoying the book so far and are probably asking yourselves what the hell is going on in the story 😀 […]

Now that we are already two weeks into „The Month of the Silvers“ and we can for sure assume that you all got yourself a copy of Daniel Price’s „The Flight of the Silvers“ (in case you haven’t: DO IT RIGHT NOW!) it’s finally time to start our read-along!