3 days late but of course we didn’t forget the last part of our „The Flight of the Silvers“-read-along discussion! 😉 We hope those of you who have finished the book yet did enjoy it as as much as we did and can now join us in impatiently waiting for the sequel „The Song of the Orphans“ which will hopefully be released this year… As in the first three parts of our read-along discussion we have prepared three new questions for you that this time mostly deal with things that might happen in book 2. Again you can answer them either in the comments section below or simply via Twitter using the hashtag #SilversMonth.


Q1: Now that you have finished the book we would like to know what’s your overall impression of „The Flight of the Silvers“: Did you enjoy reading and do you want to continue with this series? What did you like most/least and what do you expect from the sequel „The Song of the Orphans“? Do you have any pressing questions you really need to get an answer for?

Q2: Multiple hints made David and Amanda come up with the theory that the Silver might all be related somehow. Do you think they are right or do you have another theory regarding these hints?

Q3: Peter tells the Silvers that the Gothams were after them because they fear that the Silvers‘ arrival might lead to a second cataclysm. What are your thoughts on this theory and do you fear that this might lead to a bad ending for the Silvers?


If you have missed the previous parts of our read-along discussion and still want to participate in it, here you can find part Ipart II and part III. Have fun!

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  • Well, I finished the book last week and my review is online, so you both know how much I liked it already 😉

    1. I most definitely want to continue reading the series and can’t wait for the second book to be published! I liked the idea of a parallel world that has changed because of an incident that happened so many years ago. It’s different, but not so much so. I would have liked to learn more about David and that is hopefully one character that we will learn more of in the sequel. One big question is: why don’t the Pelletiers get rid of Evan Rander for good? Obviously talking to him is not working at all and he is causing more trouble than he is worth!

    2. I think the silvers might have something in common in their genes. I do not think they are really related as in family. One of them is from Australia, one is from the Philippines. If they are related then it goes back a couple of generations, I would say. I think it is good that they are starting to think of their group as a family, because they have to be there for each other, stick together to solve their problems and get away from their pursuers. The Silvers are not the only group that survived our world. There are other groups too. Would they also be related in any way?

    3. I do not think the Silvers will cause the cataclysm. I think they might be there to stop it from happening! I am not so sure the Pelletiers caused our world to end, why would they? But who am I to know. As long as there is another book coming then the Silvers will not be ending 😀 And I do prefer to think that, whatever the reason why the Pelletiers saved them, they will achieve their goal and survive. Maybe not all of them, but most.

    • A few non-spoilery hints, based on Janice’s excellent comments:

      1) Regarding the Pelletiers and their crazy decisions, bear in mind that they don’t perceive time the way we do. They’re temporal chess players who plan hundreds of moves ahead. They might kill people who never bothered them before (like Sterling Quint’s physicists), if only because it saves them from certain trouble in the future. Conversely, they might keep an enemy alive (like Evan and Rebel) because they know that person will help their cause in the future. This is just one of the many reason why they’re so hard to figure out. 🙂

      2) The Silver genes question will be answered most definitively in the next book.

      3) David plays a HUGE role in „Song of the Orphans.“ By the end of the book, you’ll know everything there is to know about him. You’ll even get a new perspective on certain decisions he made in „Flight of the Silvers.“

      Hope that helps a little.

      • Hi Daniel!

        Thanks so much for your comments!

        Well I am very curious to find out why the Pelletiers are keeping Evan Rander alive! He is the most unsympathetic charakter in the book!

        Glad to hear that we will learn more about David 🙂
        You are making me so hungry for the next book I can hardly wait!

        Thanks for the hints!