We are slowly entering the final phase of the „Silvers Month“ and this means it’s time for the 3rd part of our read-along discussion! As you may have noticed the Silvers went through some serious trouble during the past chapters and have to face a lot of new problems. Their enemies are coming closer and it’s getting more and more difficult to decide which persons they can trust and which not. So we have prepared three new questions that deal with these issues! Again you can answer them either in the comments section or simply via Twitter using the hashtag #SilversMonth.


Q1: In the past chapters the Silvers had some dramatic encounters with Melissa Masaad from the Bureau of Domestic Protections. On the one hand she is hunting the Silvers down but on the other hand she sometimes seems to have a genuine interest in their well-being. Do you think it could be wiser for the Silvers to cooperate with her or are they right in distrusting her and doing everything they can to stay out of her reach?

Q2: The Silvers pay more and more attention to working on their special abilities and trying to improve and fully control them. By doing this they also learn how powerful they really are, but also that using their powers seems to have an impact on their characters as well. Do you think the Silvers can handle their responsibility or are you maybe afraid that some of them might get driven to the dark side? And who seems to be struggling the most in your opinion?

Q3: During a library visit, Mia and Theo meet a mysterious girl with two watches who seems to know a lot about the Silvers. Do you have any theories who she might be?


The next part of our read-along discussion will take place on Thursday, February 5, when we will ask you about your impressions of the final chapters 30-36. If you have missed the previous parts or our read-along discussion, here you can find part I and part II. Have fun!

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  • 1. I think the Silvers are better off staying out of Melissa Masaads reach! It is not a matter of trust really. I just do not think that she can protect them. Apart from that she will only lock them up for good, she can never ever let them go. I also think that the NIC would get at them somehow and then it really would be a case of them landing in a lab. The Silvers have a task and they can’t do it from a prison cell.

    2. Yes, they are changing. They are growing into their responsibility. Mia and David are the ones I worry about. I am sure Mia can do a lot more than send messages, she just doesn’t realise it and is not really working on it. But she is really young. David is the one I worry about the most. He could end up on the dark side if he is not careful.

    3. No. I have absolutely no idea about this girl. She seems to know a great lot about the silvers and what is waiting for them in the near future. I do think they can trust her though, but i don’t know why.

    • I totally agree with you on David. The way he changes is sometimes really scary even though I can also understand his behaviour most of the time. To be honest I would find it quite interesting if some of the Silvers would turn to the dark side and become maybe a second Evan Rander but on the other hand it would hurt a lot to see the team fall apart…

      • Oh no! Evan Rander is such a pain the a**! I can’t stand that guy, especially because his motive only has to do with Hannah turning him down! What a weak character he must have for that sort of revenge! David is stronger than that. They all are.
        None of the Silvers could end up like him, at least I hope not ;D
        I think their trip to New York has welded them together for good now.