It’s been four days since we started our „The Flight of the Silvers“ read-along which means it’s time for our first little discussion! We hope some of you have already started reading yet and are enjoying the book so far and are probably asking yourselves what the hell is going on in the story 😀 So we would like to talk with you about some aspects of the first ten chapters, that’s why we have prepared a few questions that you can answer either in the comments section or simply via Twitter using the hashtag #SilversMonth.


Q1: Now that you have met everyone that belongs to the Silvers: Which one is your favorite character so far and what do you like about her/him?

Q2: Everyone on the Silvers team (except Theo^^) has discovered that she/he has gained some pretty cool abilities on the alternate earth. If you could choose one superpower for yourself, which one would you choose and what would you use it for?

Q3: During the first part you already got some small hints about why this is happening to the Silvers and who the Pelletiers are. Do you have any theories yet what’s behind all this?


So let us know what you think about the book, the Silvers and share your first theories about the plot! The next part of our read-along discussion will take place on Wednesday 28th, when we will ask you about your impressions of the chapters 11-19. Have fun!

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  • I’m more than half way through now, so I skip the theories part 😉 My most favorite Silver so far is David – cause he is intelligent, tender-hearted (a vegan!) and I love his logical answers without mawkishness^^ It’s a bit pity that the computernerd did come out as the psychopath – he would have been a great Silver too and has the best power of them all! Imagine all the possibilities you get when you can rewind time as often as you like 🙂

    So far i LOVE it (even if I’m a slow english reader) and I cant wait to see whats happen next…

    • Yay, I’m glad you’re liking the book so far!

      I guess my favorite Silver in the beginning was Mia because she felt so insecure and I felt like giving her a hug all the time 😀 On the other hand I absolutely HATED Amanda because she was annoying all the time with her Mrs.-Know-it-all-attitude and her constant lecturing on Hannah (who I liked a lot, too^^).

      Evan’s superpower really is quite cool, just imagine how many books you can read when you can always rewind time! 😀

      • Oh yes, never ever a SUB again 😀

        Yeah Mia is a nice one, but I always picture her in a pyjama – that made some events a bit strange. Stupid mind^^
        Theo is the person who bothers me a bit, but I think he will be interesting later.. looking forward to it!

  • Ok, end of Chapter 10.

    1. I like David the most. He is the most easy-going of them all, although he is quite young. He ist also so openminded and very intelligent. Because of his intelligence he does have difficulty getting his mind around some of the powers of the others. He is not a brag or a showoff. Amanda is difficult but I think that comes from their childhood and the way their parents each had their favorite daughter and showed it. Then her marriage and what her husband said to her before he „died“. That must have hurt really bad and made me feel sorry for her.
    2. I guess going back in time is a great power. But in Evans case it is always just five years. I think I would have had enough of living the same 5 years 55 times! I think I would prefer Zacks power. When one of the others get hurt he can help and heal! Hopefully 😉
    3. Well, I don’t really have an idea. Seems like a game to me. Azral is Pelletier, so he is behind all this and in contact with Quint. Is this a parallel world? Was the old world, our world, really destroyed? We know that Esis spoke of 33 circlets, which means there are at least something like 100 such people like the Silvers. The Golds in New York? I don’t trust anyone, not even a little bit. And I think those Silvers should start getting out of that place, fast! I do wonder why they have let so much time go by without insisting on more information. Evan obviously has issues with all of them, especially Hannah. I do wonder what happened to make Evan the way he is. Can’t just be jealousy, or is it?

    • Yeah, that last scene between Amanda and her husband was really quite awkward and it was probably the only moment in the first half of the book where I felt sympathy for her 😀 But she gets better, even if it’s just a little bit…^^

      I think if I were Evan it would drive me insane to relive the same period of time over and over again, so no wonder that he’s become such a psycho^^

      • Amanda does get on my nerves, but so does Hannah. They are both victims of their childhood and should really start trying to get over it. Amanda certainly hasn’t had an easy life and that is mybe why I have a bit more sympathy for her. Her power must be really scary! I know it would scare the s*&$ out of me!

        So I gather we still don’t know what Evan Rander is really up to at the end of the book? .D