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“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

This TTT topic is like a gentle kick in the butt, forcing us to think about all the books we should have already read. As if we needed the reminder. How many of us don’t suffer from TBR guilt once or ten times a week? Let’s hope that this post at least helps us to catch up on some great books that we might have missed out on last year – maybe we‘ll at least manage to read half of these books listed below ?

Before the Devil Breaks You – Libba Bray
Even though Sebastian had this preordered, Maraia’s library copy just came in last week, and it’s so much easier if we each have our own copy to read. Hopefully now we can read it soon! Or at least in time for the last book. ?

The Dire King – William Ritter
As far as we can remember we both really enjoyed Ghostly Echoes, the third book in William Ritter’s unique fantasy mystery series, and even found it to be the best novel so far. Maybe it’s because we’re dreading the end of Jackaby’s and Abigail’s story that we still haven’t read the final book yet, but we’d better read it soon or we might need a re-read to refresh our memories…

Godsgrave – Jay Kristoff
We’re both looking forward to this book, although maybe for different reasons. Sebastian struggled to get into the story, but he really liked it and wants to know what happens next. Maraia thought it was pretty terrible until the last 100 pages, and she wants to know if the next one is any better/what she’s missing that makes everyone completely obsessed with this series.

The White Road – Sarah Lotz
We are both huge fans of Sarah Lotz’s novel The Three but unfortunately Sebastian was a bit disappointed by the follow-up, Day Four. Maybe that’s why we haven’t gotten to read her latest novel yet even though we’re still pretty excited about it – especially because of the interesting Mount Everest setting!

Thunderbird – Chuck Wendig
The first three Miriam Black books are some of our favorites ever, but we still haven’t read book four yet, despite the fact that we’ve been waiting ages for it. The next one comes out this month and the last one next year, so we were torn between wanting to read Thunderbird immediately (obviously that one didn’t happen), wanting to reread the first three books and then read Thunderbird, and wanting to wait until the series is complete and then binging them all.

Bad Blood – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
We loved All In, the previous book in the series, (it even made it onto Sebastian’s top 10 list of 2017), but somehow we still haven’t read this one. Maybe we just don’t want the series to be over!

Time Siege – Wesley Chu
Not having read this yet is doubly embarrassing – not only was it a gift, but it was also on our Top Ten Books We Meant To Read In 2016 post from last year. We really hope it won’t you won’t see it again next January.

Six Stories – Matt Wesolowski
This comes highly recommended by several bookstagrammer friends, but we couldn’t find it at the library. Fortunately, Maraia gave it to Sebastian for Christmas, so now we have no excuse not to read it. ?

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier – Mark Frost
When we read the first Twin Peaks companion novel late in 2016, we were really surprised how well the concept worked and how interesting all these background stories about the Twin Peaks universe were – especially because they were convincingly connected to actual events in the American history. We also haven’t watched the new episodes of the TV show yet so there’s definitely some catching up to do in 2018!

Waking Gods – Sylvain Neuvel
While we were not as impressed by Sleeping Giants as what seems to be everybody else we still want to give this series another try and are still curious about what will happen next – maybe we’ll just binge all three books once the third one comes out this spring.

Which books you meant to read last year
are still on your TBR for 2018?

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