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We’re not ones to spend an entire week reading on the beach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good summer read. The only thing is, how do you define the perfect summer read? A fluffy, quick read? A book set in the sweltering desert? We weren’t entirely sure how to answer that question, so our list ranges from your classic YA beach read to what we hope are a few unexpected suggestions.

Nil – Lynne Matson
This book is the perfect summer read for almost everyone. The story has a paradisiacal setting with an exotic island and its great beaches, it has an interesting mystery, it’s a really fluffy read and even the romance is enjoyable whether you love or hate romances in general: if you enjoy love stories then the cheesy romance between attractive teens will make you happy and if you despise them then it’s still really entertaining to make fun of it because while the romance can be painfully cheesy at times the characters are nonetheless quite likable so that won’t hate them too much for all the swooning. If you’re looking for a book that gives you the typical summer feeling then „Nil“ has all you need.

Stone Bruises – Simon Beckett
While many fans of Beckett’s David Hunter series were disappointed by this standalone thriller it’s still a great read if you’re looking for a dark summer mystery because set in the heat of a rural French farm „Stone Bruises“ has a really special and intense atmosphere that gives you a great summer feeling of the darker kind. It’s not the typical kind of thriller but the story definitely unravels some shocking secrets so you might give it a try if you seek suspense rather than romance in a summer read.

The Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen’s books make for the perfect summer reading. Not only do they all take place in summer, but they’re also set in a small beach town on the coast of North Carolina, and they perfectly mix fluffiness with serious themes. If you’re craving a book with summer vibes, great friendships, plenty of feels, and a sweet but swoony ship, look no further.

Emmy & Oliver – Robin Benway
Robin Benway is another author whose books are meant to be read in summer. This one takes place on the beach in summer as well, and it’s just as fun and sweet as The Truth About Forever. It’s also the kind of book you can fly through in a sitting or two, which makes it a great choice to bring to the beach.

The Swarm – Frank Schätzing
What oes almost everyone love when it’s summer and really nice and warm outside? Exactly, going to the sea and Frank Schätzing’s maritime disaster novel gives you the sea in all its facets. Yes, it’s a really massive book but if you’re into science thrillers and interested in everything sea life related then you will most likely enjoy this epic and global story about the sea rising up against mankind.

The Lost & Found – Katrina Leno
The Lost & Found takes place in summer, includes a road trip, and has a great ship, but its similarities to your standard YA beach read end there. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a summer read with substance, one that is highly relatable to anxious book nerds who understand the beauty of internet friendships.

Saga – Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples
Science fiction might not be everyone’s go-to summer genre, but as comics are broken up into short issues and volumes, this series is perfect for reading on the beach, where distractions abound. It also gets bonus points for its diverse representation.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner
When it’s hot and sunny you probably don’t want to stress your brain cells too much and rather jump into a story without long introductions and explanations. James Dashner’s trilogy opener throws you right into the plot without wasting any time at all and takes you on a hell of a ride that will have you hooked from the first page. Exciting setting, thrilling story, interesting and likable characters – „The Maze Runner“ has everything a fluffy summer thriller needs.

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden
Just look at this cover! Doesn’t it make you think of a hot, steamy jungle? If that’s your expectation, you’re in for a chilly surprise. This book is perfect for reading by the fire in winter, but it’s also perfect for a hot day, when you’d give anything for a bit of snow to cool you down.

The Abominable – Dan Simmons
You can’t stand the heat and rather want to lock yourself inside your room and shut the blinds to keep the sun from bothering you? Then „The Abominable“ is a perfect summer read for you because it takes you on a trip to the Mount Everest where the climate is cold and icy and stormy, so exactly the opposite of a typical annoying summer day 😛 And since Dan Simmons‘ dark expedition novel is quite a massive book you can hide from the sun between its pages for a really long time 😉

What are your favorite summer reads?
Do you like it hot or cold or do you maybe also explore different genres than you’re used to?

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