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We’re not ones to spend an entire week reading on the beach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good summer read. The only thing is, how do you define the perfect summer read? A fluffy, quick read? A book set in the sweltering desert? We weren’t entirely sure how to answer that question, so our list ranges from your classic YA beach read to what we hope are a few unexpected suggestions.

Nil – Lynne Matson
This book is the perfect summer read for almost everyone. The story has a paradisiacal setting with an exotic island and its great beaches, it has an interesting mystery, it’s a really fluffy read and even the romance is enjoyable whether you love or hate romances in general: if you enjoy love stories then the cheesy romance between attractive teens will make you happy and if you despise them then it’s still really entertaining to make fun of it because while the romance can be painfully cheesy at times the characters are nonetheless quite likable so that won’t hate them too much for all the swooning. If you’re looking for a book that gives you the typical summer feeling then „Nil“ has all you need.

Stone Bruises – Simon Beckett
While many fans of Beckett’s David Hunter series were disappointed by this standalone thriller it’s still a great read if you’re looking for a dark summer mystery because set in the heat of a rural French farm „Stone Bruises“ has a really special and intense atmosphere that gives you a great summer feeling of the darker kind. It’s not the typical kind of thriller but the story definitely unravels some shocking secrets so you might give it a try if you seek suspense rather than romance in a summer read.

The Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen’s books make for the perfect summer reading. Not only do they all take place in summer, but they’re also set in a small beach town on the coast of North Carolina, and they perfectly mix fluffiness with serious themes. If you’re craving a book with summer vibes, great friendships, plenty of feels, and a sweet but swoony ship, look no further.

Emmy & Oliver – Robin Benway
Robin Benway is another author whose books are meant to be read in summer. This one takes place on the beach in summer as well, and it’s just as fun and sweet as The Truth About Forever. It’s also the kind of book you can fly through in a sitting or two, which makes it a great choice to bring to the beach.

The Swarm – Frank Schätzing
What oes almost everyone love when it’s summer and really nice and warm outside? Exactly, going to the sea and Frank Schätzing’s maritime disaster novel gives you the sea in all its facets. Yes, it’s a really massive book but if you’re into science thrillers and interested in everything sea life related then you will most likely enjoy this epic and global story about the sea rising up against mankind.

The Lost & Found – Katrina Leno
The Lost & Found takes place in summer, includes a road trip, and has a great ship, but its similarities to your standard YA beach read end there. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a summer read with substance, one that is highly relatable to anxious book nerds who understand the beauty of internet friendships.

Saga – Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples
Science fiction might not be everyone’s go-to summer genre, but as comics are broken up into short issues and volumes, this series is perfect for reading on the beach, where distractions abound. It also gets bonus points for its diverse representation.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner
When it’s hot and sunny you probably don’t want to stress your brain cells too much and rather jump into a story without long introductions and explanations. James Dashner’s trilogy opener throws you right into the plot without wasting any time at all and takes you on a hell of a ride that will have you hooked from the first page. Exciting setting, thrilling story, interesting and likable characters – „The Maze Runner“ has everything a fluffy summer thriller needs.

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden
Just look at this cover! Doesn’t it make you think of a hot, steamy jungle? If that’s your expectation, you’re in for a chilly surprise. This book is perfect for reading by the fire in winter, but it’s also perfect for a hot day, when you’d give anything for a bit of snow to cool you down.

The Abominable – Dan Simmons
You can’t stand the heat and rather want to lock yourself inside your room and shut the blinds to keep the sun from bothering you? Then „The Abominable“ is a perfect summer read for you because it takes you on a trip to the Mount Everest where the climate is cold and icy and stormy, so exactly the opposite of a typical annoying summer day 😛 And since Dan Simmons‘ dark expedition novel is quite a massive book you can hide from the sun between its pages for a really long time 😉

What are your favorite summer reads?
Do you like it hot or cold or do you maybe also explore different genres than you’re used to?

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  • Ohhh I love this list. ? And all the love for The Lost & Found because there’s nothing like reading about anxious nerds to make one feel validated aaaaaand I love The Maze Runner aaaaand it reminds me I should’ve read The Bear and the Nightingale straight away. (Shh it was totally a cover buy for me.) Also The Abominable sounds great because locking oneself in a room with darkness and a book sounds like my idea of summer relaxation. ?

    • Von Maraia am 23. Mai 2017 um 14:50

      Thanks, Cait! It still astounds me that TL&F has so few reviews on Goodreads. Book nerds should be all over it! The Bear and the Nightingale is a good test run for Daugther of the Forest, so I hope you read it soon. xD I haven’t read The Abominable yet, but it does sound perfect for you, lol.

      • It’s so criminal how underrated some authors are. *sobs* I barely ever find anyone who’s read her books?! I clearly need to blog review them and convert some masses. (And I’ll definitely get to The Bear after I move! And then Daughter of the Forest! I PROMISE.)

        • Von Maraia am 24. Mai 2017 um 12:03

          Have you not reviewed any of them on your blog? ? (As if I’m one to talk. I actually HAVE a review for TL&F that’s neither on GR nor on a blog. I should probably just give up on the idea of ever starting my own blog and ask Sebastian if I can post the review here. xD)

          Don’t read them too soon after the move! I would hate for your sadness to ruin them. Although, maybe they’d be perfect for your mood, haha.

    • The Maze Runner was just so damn addictive, I totally love books where you have no idea what’s going on but can’t stop reading until you know all the secrets 😀

      I really like hot days when I can sit in the sun all day and read but sometimes it’s really nice to have a book with a frosty setting like „The Abominable“ to cool down a little bit 😀

  • I read the first volume of Saga and loved it. I’ve been meaning to read the rest. And you make a great point about graphic novels being perfect for when you don’t want to have to be super focused.

  • I haven’t read most of these but YES to Saga! I think comic books are actually a really good idea for the beach, especially for those like me who don’t really like laying out in the sun for hours so don’t need an actual full-length book to be entertained. Of course, it is also one of those things where the people walking by you on the beach may give you some weird looks because er… Saga doesn’t hold anything back! haha.

    And yes, I agree with you on the summer reads thing. I’ve never quite understood what that term meant. It can definitely mean different things for different people. I’m not one to read seasonally at all so for me it would just be anything and everything. I think this list is pretty good though, a nice diversity with a reasonable explanation for each 😉

    • I think I definitely prefer reading books with a typical summer setting in summer because it makes me feel a little bit like going on vacation but I also like diving into worlds that are the complete opposite to cool down sometimes, that’s why I also often pick books that are set in winter or in the mountains when it’s really hot outside.

      Summer read also doesn’t necessarily mean a short/fluffly/simple story to me because when I can sit and read in the sun for hours I also like picking big books that keep me busy for several days. For me that’s way better than reading them when I barely have time to read and need weeks to finish a book 😀

      • @ Maraia: The most recent Saga? No actually. I did buy it for when Dave visited because we usually read them when together so we can talk about them, but for some reason neither one of us picked it up while he was here. I might just save it for when he visits in August, but I’m not sure. I think it’ll depend on if we decide to do a honeymoon or not. When we go on trips together Dave usually doesn’t play his games since it’s our time to spend together, so books like Saga are great for when we want to hang around for a break.

        And of course I can tell who recommended which books. Sea Bastard recommended books like The Truth about Forever and Emmy & Oliver, and you recommended Nil and The Swarm. Makes perfect sense. XP

        @ Sebastian: But see, that’s where we differ. You say you can sit and read in the sun for hours. That’s impossible for me. I can’t sit in the sun for more than ten minutes (reading or not) before I want to die. So if I am going to read at a beach or something, it’s got to be short and not require a lot of brain power because a) I don’t plan on being out there reading for long and b) my brain is going to constantly be distracted by the feeling of the sun eating my skin to pay too close attention. But don’t worry, I get that that’s just me being crazy and most people can enjoy the sun for hours without a problem. ;D

        • Damnit, what gave me away? I just can’t stay away from fluffy summer romances 😛

          When I was a child I actually didn’t like sitting in the sun for a long time and always hid in the shade after a while but now I absolutely love melting away in the sun 😀 I’m not sure the length of a book really matters to me in summer, the only season where I really pay attention to the amount of pages is in winter when I like to dive into different worlds for hours, for example I read all five „A Song of Ice and Fire“ books starting Christmas two years ago 🙂

        • Von Maraia am 9. Jun 2017 um 16:58

          Aww, that’s nice of him. I hope you do end up going somewhere and can read it then!

          Ha, actually I did read Nil. ;P

          I can’t sit out in the sun like that, either. I’ve tried it a few times with Sebastian, but I almost always end up with a migraine. I need to stop doing that and just accept my reality. >.<

    • Von Maraia am 24. Mai 2017 um 11:08

      Have you read the most recent one? I’m really sad that I can’t get in from my library, because now I have no idea when I’ll get to read it. Yep, exactly. I don’t like laying out in the sun for hours, either, so quick reads are perfect. Haha, it could be a great conversation starter! You never know.

      Thanks! Can you tell which ones I recommended and which ones Sebastian recommended? xD I remember one summer, I think during college, when I went on a huge YA contemporary/chick lit-reading spree. I wanted to devour as many books as possible, and that was the most efficient way to do it. I was completely burnt out by the end, though, and I haven’t stuck to a single genre so long since then.

  • Ah I definitely agree with The Maze Runner! It’s such a quick and easy read, I think I read the entire series in like 6 days! It was so easy to get lost in the world! And I have never read any of Sarah Dessen’s books but I should probably do that soon ? and The Bear and the Nightingale is on my TBR! That cover is so beautiful too! Great list!

    • I was so glad that the whole Maze Runner trilogy was already out when I started reading it because I just had to binge read it and get to know all the secrets asap, I just couldn’t put the books down once I had started them 😀

    • Von Maraia am 24. Mai 2017 um 11:49

      Besides the one I mentioned here, Saint Anything is my favorite Sarah Dessen book. I’d recommend starting with one of those! And I hope you read TBatN soon. It’s just as beautiful on the inside. ?

  • Nice list! Stone Bruises sounds good. I might have to check it out. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

    • „Stone Bruises“ is a book that definitely makes you feel warm even though it doesn’t give you the typical summer/holiday/beach feeling you might expect from a summer read 😀

      But if you like exploring dark secrets and don’t mind rather slow-paced mysteries then you should give it a try some day! 😉

  • I’ve been meaning to read Emmy & Oliver forever. The fact that you say it’s just as sweet as The Truth About Forever makes me want to read it even more. Great list!

  • I also have a Sarah Dessen book on my TBR! I can’t remember what it’s called… awkward. But I know it’s her latest release! I went through a Dessen phase when I was a late teenager, but haven’t read anything since. But her books are all definitely summer appropriate!

    • Von Maraia am 24. Mai 2017 um 12:57

      I haven’t read that one yet! I also don’t know what it’s called. xD I went through the same phase, although I think it was early college for me. I don’t think her newer books are as good, sadly, with the exception of Saint Anything. So I’m curious to know what you think of her newest one.

  • I keep seeing Sarah Dessen’s books, I need to read one at some point. The Maze Runner was so good!

  • Love this list! Dystopian for summer is perfect! Where I live it’s going to feel like the apocalypse anyway. Might as well enjoy a good read while melting!

    I haven’t read any of these but my favorite is probably the first, Nil. Putting that on my TBR right now!

    Fabulous list! Have a happy week!

  • I read The Maze Runner trilogy when I was on holiday a few years ago so I agree it’s a perfect summer read, even if it’s not your stereotypical summer story. It’s really easy to get caught up in the characters and the mystery surrounding their imprisonment. The Bear and the Nightingale cover is beautiful- it keeps tempting me to buy It!

  • Reading a graphic novel during Summer at the beach is perfect of course!

  • I think that I am the only person that has not read any books by Sarah Dessen. One author that I enjoy reading during summer is Morgan Matson. I recently started „The Unexpected Everything “ and so far I love it.

    • Von Maraia am 29. Mai 2017 um 12:45

      Haha, don’t worry, Sebastian hasn’t, either. 🙂 Morgan Matson is another great choice! I’ve read a couple of her books so far. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Unexpected Everything.