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It’s Freebie Tuesday this week and since we’ve talked a lot about anticipated books in 2o17 already we thought it would be a good opportunity to let the books rest for one week and talk about movies instead, so here are ten upcoming movies we’re looking forward to watch this year! (Click on the movie title to get to the movie’s IMDB page and watch the trailer)


A Monster Calls
Maraia: I can’t wait to finally see this, even though it will mean bawling my eyes out in public. A Monster Calls is one of my favorite books, and even though I’m usually wary of movie adaptations of my favorites, I have high expectations for this one.
Sebastian: A Monster Calls was my first ever book by Patrick Ness and I loved it to pieces, so I absolutely can’t wait to see the movie, especially after watching the amazing trailer(s). Also Liam Neeson’s voice is just incredible and he seems to be the perfect choice for the monster.

Lego Batman Movie
Maraia: I saw the trailer for this a couple weeks ago and immediately added it to my list. If it’s even half as funny as the trailer, I know I’ll love it.
Sebastian: I had a lot of fun watching the first Lego Movie and Batman is my favorite superhero, so this can only be good – the movie trailer is definitely hilarious already.

Kong: Skull Island
Maraia: I hadn’t even heard of this until the trailer played before Rogue One, but it looks like an enjoyable action movie. I also love the movie poster.
Sebastian: This is by far my most anticipated movie this year. I’ve watched Peter Jackson’s King Kong movie so many times already and loved the setting, the atmosphere and the monsters (obviously) and the trailer for the sequel/prequel/whatever is just awesome, so I really hope „Skull Island“ can live up to my expectations.

Maraia: This is based off of one of the few YA contemporary books Sebastian has recommended to me, so of course I want to see it. After I finally read the book. 😛
Sebastian: It’s been a while already since I read R.J. Palacio’s novel but I am still excited for the movie version, especially because Jacob Tremblay gets to play August.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Maraia: I have to admit that, aside from Groot, I didn’t love the first movie. Still, the trailer won me over with adorable Baby Groot.
Sebastian: Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely one of my top 3 favorite Marvel Movies so it’s no surprise that I’m already dying to watch the sequel. The trailer was great and I really hope that the Vol. 2 soundtrack will be as amazing as the first one.


The Dark Tower
Maraia: I really don’t want to read this series, but the movie has Idris Elba in it. Enough said.
Sebastian: I have to admit that while I’m a huge Stephen King fan I never made it to the second book of his Dark Tower series because the first one was boring as fuck. BUT Idris Elba is playing the leading role in the movie version and since he’s one of my favorite actors I don’t think I’ll be able to ignore the Dark Tower movie.

The Great Wall
Maraia: Sebastian wants to watch this movie, and it looks like another enjoyable action movie, so why not? I just hope that, in a movie set in China with a Chinese director, the white/American actors don’t overshadow the Chinese actors.
Sebastian: I just can’t deny that I am a sucker for monster movies and the trailer for The Great Wall is just epic. I loved the atmosphere, the setting is interesting, the movie seems to be visually stunning and I like Matt Damon, so this is quite a must-see for me.

Maraia: I haven’t actually seen the trailer for this yet, but the blurb sounds really interesting. I’m always up for a good psychological thriller!
Sebastian: My thriller movie watchlist for 2017 is quite empty yet so I’m glad that „Split“ seems to be a possible genre highlight this year. I find the multiple personalities concept really interesting and James McAvoy was already creepy as fuck in the trailer, so I really don’t want to miss this one.

Thor: Ragnarok
Maraia: I still need to see the second Thor movie, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to watch this one. And it’s only 75% because of Idris Elba. 😉
Sebastian: Robert Downey Jr.’s „Iron Man“ is still my favorite Marvel hero but Chris Hemsworth’s „Thor“ comes right after that, so I’m glad that he will return for a 3rd Thor movie this year. I’m still a bit sad that Natalie Portman won’t be in it but I’m sure this is still going to be a lot of fun (also: Idris Elba again! :D)

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Maraia: STAR WARS. \o/ I grew up with it, I love it, and I can’t get enough. I’m quite attached to the new characters from The Force Awakens, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of their story.
Sebastian: If a new Star Wars movie isn’t on your must-see watchlist then I’m not sure we can be friends (anymore) 😛

Which 2017 movies are you looking forward to?

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  • I’m so asdfghjkl about the adaptation of A Monster Calls that I haven’t even watched the trailer yet. I only read the book at the end of December so definitely need time to prepare for watching it.

    I had no idea Wonder is getting adapted! I haven’t read the book yet either.

    I only recently saw a tweet about McAvoy playing 22 different personalities in Split and I immediately wanted to watch it.

    So excited for Thor: Ragnarok especially because Loki but also here for anything with Idris Elba in it haha. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy a lot so definitely excited for Vol. 2 and baby Groot!

    I hope I can watch all of Star Wars movies this year so I have like 7 of them on my list. Hope that makes you happy haha.

    I’m also looking forward to Wonder Woman and even if it doesn’t end up having a good plot, I’m hoping getting to see Diana kick ass would be worth it. The trailer of Power Rangers made me want to watch it seeing how the movie wasn’t even on my radar before.

    • Von Maraia am 24. Jan 2017 um 23:26

      I keep forgetting that you just read AMC for the first time. Good thing one read is enough to make it a favorite. (The trailer really doesn’t say a whole lot, anyway.)

      Yesss, we’re somehow going to get through Star Wars this year! I mean, we only have one more mediocre one left, and it’s not even as bad as the second one. I hope you like the classics, though.

      LOL, I’ve never seen Power Rangers, but if the trailer made you want to watch the movie, I guess I need to go watch it. xD

    • You should really watch the trailer for „A Monster Calls“, it definitely looks like a great adaptation and I hope to get to see it in English so that I can enjoy Liam Neeson’s voice 🙂

      I still can’t believe you haven’t watch all Star Wars movies yet (especially the good old ones), you should definitely work on that this year ;P

      When I was a child I never really understood why everyone loved the Power Rangers because to me they looked completely ridiculous but I’ve heard a few people say that the trailer looks actually quite good, so maybe I should give it a try 😀

  • Lego Batman Movie looks hysterical. Also I want to see A Monster Calls but need to read the book first!! Great list!

    • Von Maraia am 24. Jan 2017 um 23:02

      I would definitely read the book before seeing the movie! It’s so short, it won’t take up too much time. 😉

    • Make sure you’ll read the illustrated edition of „A Monster Calls“ and not the „boring“ movie tie-in, the illustrations are absolutely stunning! 🙂

  • Kong: Skull Island and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are both on my list too. The Great has me curious and of course Star Wars VIII is the big kahuna!

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:13

      I’m definitely most excited for Star Wars! But it will be sad seeing Leia on screen now. =/

    • I hope I’ll still get to see „The Great Wall“ since it’s already out and I will be so disappointed if „Skull Island“ won’t be awesome 😀

  • I didn’t realize Wonder was becoming a movie. I’ll have to read it now.

    Being the cheesy person that I am, I’m excited for Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and also Before I Fall, which is based on the book by Lauren Oliver. I think that one comes out in March. Woo! There’s also going to be a Power Rangers movie, which I hope is awesome.

    There’s a girl on Twitter that’s been talking about how problematic Split is. I actually didn’t know anything about it, so this is the first time I’ve read about it. According to her, it demonizes mentally ill people?

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:10

      You watch Power Rangers?! I don’t know why I’m surprised, haha. I guess I do want to see Beauty & the Beast, if I can convince Sebastian to watch it with me. xD I haven’t decided if I want to see Before I Fall. I know you liked the book, but I wasn’t a fan.

      Eek, really? I guess that figures. I hadn’t heard of the movie before this post, so I’ll have to look into that more. (Although I don’t think directors are usually thinking about mental health advocacy when they make psychological thrillers, lol.)

    • I had completely forgotten about the „Wonder“ movie, too, until Maraia reminded me 😀

      I think I’ve only watched a short teaser trailer for „Beauty and the Beast“ which looked better than expected but I’m not sure yet if it’s a movie I would enjoy. And guys, you really make me curious about the Power Rangers movie XD

      Hmm, isn’t there always someone somewhere who finds something problematic? I really don’t think that will keep me from wanting to watch it, especially since the ratings seem to be really good 😀

  • I want to see all of these movies, too. I was hoping to see A Monster Calls at the movie theater, but it isn’t showing anywhere in my area. Next up, The Lego Batman Movie! 🙂

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:13

      Same. It played briefly in one theater, but I missed it. Oh well, at least I don’t have to cry in public now. xD

    • I feel you, we’ve been trying to see „A Monster Calls“ in theaters, too, but apparently it hasn’t been a huge success in the US, otherwise I can’t explain why they already aren’t showing it anymore in a lot of cities…

  • I’ve never read Wonder, but I’ve always wanted to. I didn’t know it was being made into a movie, so now I’ll have to check it out before then. I am so stoked for the new Star Wars movie. Why must we wait so long for it? Great list!

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:54

      They’re just drawing out the suspension! Did you already see Rogue One? What did you think?

    • I’m really curious for the „Wonder“ movie, especially for how they deal with the protagonist’s handicap.

      I’m glad we already got two new Star Wars movies in the past 12 months, „Rogue One“ definitely made waiting for Episode VIII easier for me 😀

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Transformers: The Last Knight, Fast and the Furious 8, Beauty and the Beast and Fifty Shades Darker (I realize this last one totally negates my superior taste in movies). Great Topic! I need to read A Monster Calls so I can see that one as well!

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:13

      Lol, I’m going to pass on Fifty Shades Darker, but I hope you enjoy it. And you should definitely read A Monster Calls ASAP. Just have tissues handy. 😉

    • I always think I’ve grown tired of the Transformers series but then I watch a new movie trailers and am like „OMG Transformer dinosaurs/dragons, I really need to watch that one“ XD

      I have to admit that I’ve never watched a Fast and Furious movie in my life /o\

  • I really want to see A Monster Calls. The Lego Batman cracks me up every single time I see the previews. And Star Wars Episode VIII is not to be missed. This was a great idea for your Tuesday post. Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog!

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:34

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! The Lego Batman is exactly the kind of movie I need in my life right now. I never expected legos to make me laugh so much. xD

    • I’m so excited for „A Monster Calls“ and I really hope I’ll get to watch it in theaters. And Lego AND Batman? This can only be good 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • I want to see A Monster Calls too!!

    Here’s a link to my TTT post for this week:

  • I’m going to see Split this weekend. I cannot wait until Friday 🙂 I’m also looking forward to The Dark Tower, even though I never could get into the books.

    • Von Maraia am 26. Jan 2017 um 00:36

      I hope Split lives up to your expectations! It seems as if a lot of people feel that way about the books, lol.

    • Oh, I hope you’ll enjoy it, let us know how you liked the movie! 😉

      To be honest the only reason why I want to watch the Dark Tower movie is Idris Elba, the (first) book itself was such a disappointment 😀

  • A Monster Calls was so good, I hope you enjoy it!
    My TTT:

  • I want to see Wonder. I heard yesterday it has been delayed. :/

    • I’m not sure if I need to see that one in theaters but I’m definitely looking forward to it! I think I might have to re-read the book first though 😀

  • Ohh I didn’t realize that ‚Wonder‘ was becoming a movie…hope I have more luck with the movie than I did with the book since I haven’t managed to read it fully through despite several attempts :/

    The Marvel movies always makes me a happy little person trudging out of the cinema, wishing I lived in a world of superheros haha. Super excited for GoTG 2! Should be amazing…Chris Pratt doesn’t hurt my eyes either ;D.

    In regards to ‚Split‘, I’m not sure that I will be seeing it despite my love for psychological thrillers…I believe it portrays mental illness in a really unfair and hurtful manner…

    Great post, good job!
    -Sam. x

    • You’re already the second one who mentions that some people find „Split“ problematic but I don’t think it will keep me from watching the movie because I usually prefer building my own opinion but I will definitely keep that in mind in case I actually get to watch it and pay attention to that matter!

      I love the Marvel movies as long as Captain America doesn’t have a major role because I find him super lame but I’m really excited for „Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“

      I think the „Wonder“ movie might actually become quite a big thing since stars like Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Mandy Patinkin will be in it!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂