I haven’t written a TTT post in ages (the last one is actually from the end of March >.<) which can only partly be blamed on my lack of time in the past weeks months but also on the fact that I wouldn’t have known what to write for most of the topics. But since I really love putting together those lists and reading other people’s posts I definitely want to go pack to participating more regularly again and this weeks topic „Ten Books I’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed Me A Fully Loaded Gift Card“ seemed like a good occasion because spending money on books is one of the easiest things ever for me – especially when the money isn’t my own 😛

I didn’t want this post to be just another typical wishlist post so I predominantly chose books that I want to read but don’t really want to spend money on – mostly because they’re so freaking expensive 😀 I also listed some books where I’m not 100% sure if they’re actually worth the money but which I’m still super curious about and I would definitely get them if someone gave me a fully loaded gift card just for books 😀

The Dinosaur Knights – Victor Milán
I was so excited about „The Dinosaur Lords“ last year but it was one of the biggest bookish disappointments I can remember from the past years. I had hoped for epic dinosaur fights but got a boring fantasy story and the way the author dealt with the giant creatures actually even annoyed me a lot, so I have basically no interest in reading the sequel. But on the other hand I loved the illustrations and kinda want to have a copy of „The Dinosaur Knights“ just to put on my bookshelf 😀

Pressure – Brian Keene
„Pressure“ sounds like the perfect horror novel for me: an underwater expedition set near Mauritius, a scientific background story and a „monstrous predator that may spell the extinction of all mankind“ waiting beneath the surface of the sea – but I really don’t want to spend 25 € on a book with less than 300 pages…

In Search of Lost Dragons –  Élian Black’mor
As if dragons alone wouldn’t be already reason enough to make me want to read this book it also has lots of absolutely amazing illustrations and I just want this pretty gem on my shelves – but I just can’t get myself to pay more than 30 € for just one book so give me that damn gift card already! 😀

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker – Tom DeLonge
I’ve been intrigued by the cross-media concept of the Poet Anderson universe from the first moment I’ve read about it and I can’t wait to dive into the nightmarish world that the former Blink-182 front man Tom DeLonge has created but since I don’t have any graphic novel experience so far I’m still a bit reluctant to spend so much money on a 84-pages book – but if I’m ever going to get one graphic novel then it’s definitely this one!

Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie
I’m not that keen on reading the original Peter Pan story at the moment but ever since I’ve seen Crini’s copy of the deluxe edition with all its pretty illustrations and little gimmicks I just have to get a copy for my shelves as well! 😀


The World of Ice and Fire – George R.R. Martin
I have to admit that I’m not into Game of Thrones as much anymore as I have been one or two years ago but this super pretty ASoIaF encyclopedia is still something I can only hardly restrain myself from buying. I know that I would never read all the background information on all those families and characters and „historical“ events but I just want to stare at those amazing artworks from time to time and drool over the magnificent drawings of dragons.

Into the Fire – Peter Liney
It’s been quite a while already since I’ve read „The Detainee“ which I really liked and I definitely still plan on reading the whole trilogy but there are two things that have kept me from buying the sequel so far: the high price and the fact that the publisher changed the font of the title starting with the second book (seriously publishers, stop doing things like this!). But with a fully-loaded gift card this would be among the first books I would get!

The Resurrectionist – E.B. Hudspeth
This book has been on my wishlist for ages because the concept of a biography about a surgeon that studies mythological creatures reminded me a bit of Rick Yancey’s Monstrumologist series (which I absolutely love!) and it also has tons of beautiful anatomical illustrations. I could already get my hands on a copy once but the fact that the fictional part of this book is very small and that its mostly just a picture book has kept me from buying it so far – but should I ever see it for a reduced price I’m definitely going to get it right away!

Carter & Lovecraft – Jonathan L. Howard
This book has so many things that have me dying to read it: a detective story, a bookstore as part of the setting and supernatural creatures but with more than 22 € this book is just too expensive for me yet so I’m kinda waiting for the PB to finally get to read it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K. Rowling
I couldn’t be any less excited about the release of the new Harry Potter story (I refuse to regard it as HP #8 because it’s just a damn theater play!) but I still plan on reading it some day just to catch up on the latest developments in the Potter universe – just not in the next months. Also I’m not happy with the latest changes regarding book cover because in my opinion every little adjustment the publisher made was just for the worse – just look at how ugly the new font of the author’s name now looks…

Which books would you get if someone gave you a fully loaded gift card?

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  • I really think you’ll cave and buy „The Dinosaur Knights“ at some point. And then I will laugh at you. 😛

    OMG, someone from Blink-182 wrote a graphic novel? That’s hilarious. My library has it, so I’m definitely going to get it in February. 😉

    LOL, I really don’t have much interest in Peter Pan, but I can’t believe I didn’t look at Crini’s copy when I was there. >.<

    "The Resurrectionist" sounds pretty cool. My library also has that one. (Yeah, yeah, I know it's not the same. :P)

    If I had a fully loaded gift card, I'd probably agonize over the decision for months and not buy anything. XD