April is Autism Awareness Month which is a campaign by the Autism Society to „promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year.“ To show solidarity and go along with the Autism Awareness Day (April 2) motto „Light it up blue“, this week’s theme for Bookish Scene: Project 52 is „Blue Ombré Spines“ which not only was the perfect opportunity to show some of my favorite books but also to make use of the blue wall of my bedroom 😀

I actually found less books with pretty blue spines on my shelves than I had expected but surprisingly I liked all of them – except „The Ask and the Answer“ which I haven’t read yet but am going to start soon.

Unfortunately I don’t know any books that deal with autism except one or two thrillers where savants play a rather cliché’d role and I have to admit that most of my knowledge about autism comes from movies like „Rain Man“ or „Adam“ (which is one of my favorite movies, btw) so I don’t know if it’s actually accurate. But if you have any good on-topic book recommendations, let me know in the comments 😉
BookishScene: Project 52 is a bookish Instagram challenge hosted by Joséphine (@wordrevel) and Georgie (@whatgeorgiedid), Further information can be found on both their blogs where you can also see a preview of the upcoming themes.

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  • Your picture is so blue and calming. *___*

    I was trying to think of books with autistic characters, and the only one that immediately came to mind is „Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,“ which I read years ago and loved. I can’t remember it well enough to say if you’d like it. Then I found a Goodreads list that includes The Millennium Trilogy. I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own, but I guess it does qualify. „The Rosie Project“ is also on the list, and I think you might like that one if you’re ever in the mood for a contemporary (or if the audiobook narrator is good ;P). The MC is a bit like Bones. Usually I associate autism with the TV show „Parenthood,“ and I’m also not entirely sure how accurate it is.

    I haven’t seen (or heard of) „Adam.“ Should I add it to the list? ;D

    • Have you seen the movie version of „Extremely loud & incredibly close“? It’s been on my DVD shelves for ages but of course I still haven’t seen it, so we could add it to the list XD

      I’m a bit surprised that the Millennium trilogy was on that list, wasn’t there only the autistic child in the 4th book of this series? I don’t know if that’s enough to classify it as a book that deals with autism 😀

      Oh, I’ve been thinking about reading „The Rosie Project“ when there was this hype about it but of course didn’t in the end, but I would definitely give it a try some time if you say it’s worth reading.

      I really really like „Adam“ but I’m not sure if you would want to watch it, it’s not a very typical movie for me ;P I would say watch the trailer and see if you like it but there are already so many good scenes in it that I don’t want to spoil 😀

      • I have! It was years ago, though, so I’ll add it the the non-challenge list. 🙂

        I’m pretty sure the Millennium trilogy is on the list because of Lisbeth?

        I struggled with „The Rosie Project“ in the beginning (enough so that I put it down for a few weeks), but once I got used to the MC, I did enjoy it. I’m not sure if that encourages you or not. XD

        You know that saying „it’s not a very typical movie for me“ after calling it one of your favorite movies just makes me MORE curious, right? 😛

        • Hmm, I’ve never thought of Lisbeth as an autistic person, I always thought she was just hating people XD

          Have you read the sequel to The Rosie Project, too?

          By saying that it’s rather untypical for me I mostly meant that it’s a romance, so I don’t know if that still makes you more curious 😛

          • I didn’t think about it while reading, either, but I guess I see how you could make a case for it.

            I heard too many bad things about the sequel, so I skipped it. I didn’t realize „The Rosie Project“ wasn’t a standalone when I read it, so I wasn’t left expecting more.

            Haha, that definitely makes me more curious. If it’s a romance and still one of your favorite movies, I have to see it. XD