This week’s Bookish Scene: Project 52 theme „Cover Love“ was by far the easiest so far and the only difficulty for me was how to get as many pretty books in one picture as possible 😀 Unfortunately there still wasn’t enough space to show all the great covers of books that I own but I think at least the best ones all made it into the picture – well, almost…

Because after I had taken my picture for this week’s Bookish Scene theme and had already put back all the books onto my shelves I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my favorite covers of all in the picture, so there were two options for me: take all the books from the shelves again and arrange them for a new picture but now with the originally missing ones as well or take another picture with just the covers that were left out in the first try. As usually my laziness got in life’s way and I didn’t want to take a new picture with all the books, so I decided that there simply would be two pictures for this week’s theme – and let’s be honest, these gorgeous covers of Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series deserve a picture for their own, don’t they? ;D


I’m still sad that this series got a new publisher so that the following books in this series won’t have the amazing cover artworks by Joey Hi-Fi but I guess I should rather be happy that the sequels will be published at all because Chuck Wendig and his publishers seems to be a topic on its own… I like the new covers as well, though, but it just would have been awesome to have six books on the shelves that look so fucking pretty.

BookishScene: Project 52 is a bookish Instagram challenge hosted by Joséphine (@wordrevel) and Georgie (@whatgeorgiedid), Further information can be found on both their blogs where you can also see a preview of the upcoming themes.

Bookish Scene

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5 Antworten zu diesem Beitrag

  • Hello Sebastian,

    So many beautiful books! I see a lot that I have on my shelves too, thanks to you mostly 😀
    And yes, Miriam Black does deserve a picture of its own! I just hope the next book is just as beautiful.

    Have you read ‚The end of Mr. Y‘? Can’t remember seeing a review.

    Have a nice day!

    • Nope, THE END OF MR. Y is still on my TBR but I just had to add it to the picture because it’s so pretty 😀

      The cover for the fourth Miriam Black novel is already out, haven’t you seen it yet? It looks still cool but I would rather have it in the style of the old ones…

      • The cover really is pretty. I found the mind-games and the philosophising too much, but the idea is faszinating!

        Just saw the cover, its beautiful too but like you, I would prefer the old style :/

  • When I clicked on your Instagram link from Twitter this morning, I was actually horrified that you hadn’t included the Miriam Black books, and I almost messaged you. Fortunately I waited and saw your second photo. I think it worked out for the best, though. The first picture is already arranged so well, and Miriam definitely deserves her own picture. 🙂

    I like the new covers as well, especially the orange in „Thunderbird,“ but unfortunately they suffer from the comparison to the originals.

    • I only forgot them because they have a special place on my shelf above the bed so that I didn’t see them when I picked all the other books xD