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Yvonne asked me to do the „Unpopular Opinions Book Tag“ a little while ago and even though I’m rather picky when it comes to tags I just couldn’t resist doing this one because it’s just too much fun to tattle about books that are really terrible (or maybe just not my cup of tea) 😀 If I’m not wrong then this tag was originally created by TheBookArcher on YouTube.


I’m actually feeling a bit terrible for naming Erin Morgenstern’s „The Night Circus“ in this category because so many people I know have loved this book but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I did enjoy the very special atmosphere of the setting a lot but to me the story was just so boring that I never found into it and since I also couldn’t relate to the characters I never really cared about what was happening to them. I was so excited about the duel of two young magicians but this never seemed to be thing and there was no tension AT ALL. BUT I’m willing to admit that my disappointment might be a consequence of the fact that I listened to the audiobook instead of reading it myself because with all this jumping back and forth in time I found it super difficult to follow the storyline(s) and often completely got lost because I couldn’t find out in which year certain scenes took place. That’s why I might give this book another try some day with a printed copy and see if this might improve my experience with „The Night Circus“.


This was a tough question for me because I couldn’t really think of a book that others hated but I loved so I went through my Goodreads shelf and took a look at the average ratings of the books I’ve read and checked where there was a big mismatch between this rating and mine. I was actually a bit shocked when I saw that „The Three“ by Sarah Lotz only has an average rating of 3.34 which is really low for a book that over 7.500 people have rated so far. This book is one of my absolute favorites of the past five years and I loved every single page of it because I loved each the story itself and the documentary style of the narration. I’m glad that at least the people I know enjoyed this book (almost) as much as I did, so forget about the GR rating and GO READ THIS BOOK! 😉


Love triangles are the worst but what’s even worse is the relationship between Tris and Four in the „Divergent“ series by Veronica Roth. Seriously, I have never been more annoyed by two main characters in a book before and „OTP that I don’t like“ puts it VERY mildly because I absolutely HATED these two.

At least they got what they deserved 😛


I don’t want to say that I’m against historical fiction in general because give me a book that is set in the Victorian era and I devour it but give me a book about the Middle ages and I’m faster asleep than you can say the book title. Seriously, how can you write a thousand pages about some people building a cathedral? I just couldn’t care less about things like that and I’m also not interested in knights, abbeys or other things those books are usually about.


Hello Tris and Four, there you are again! Worst couple ever, most annoying MCs ever, MCs I cared about the least – I could eternally continue this list with reasons for why I hate them so much. Basically the only thing that kept me reading was the hope that they would both die a slow and painful death in the end.


So, let’s talk about historical fiction again 😀 I almost never DNF a book and haven’t done so in the past 5 years, so I guess if I end up not finishing two books by the same author this already says a lot about how much I struggled with his books. I tried to read Ken Follett’s „The Pillars of the Earth“ a few years ago but never made it into the second half of the book. After a while I even started the sequel „World without end“ out of politeness because it was a Christmas gift but completely lost interest after the first 100 pages. I never would have thought there could be something even more boring than reading 1000 pages about some people building a cathedral but then Follett surprised me with another 1000 pages about some people building A FUCKING BRIDGE. Oh my God that sounds so exciting that I don’t even know how to keep my eyes open long enough to finish this sen…


Let’s state the facts: I love thrillers and crime novels and you can be sure that if the mystery is exciting enough I’m going to end up liking the book anyway but please make authors stop writing about detectives that suffer from alcoholism. I know that you investigators have a tough job seeing all the evil every day and having to deal with very terrible crimes but I really don’t care about your alcohol problems. Just solve the fucking case and you can drink all the booze between one book and the next but stay sober as long as you’re part of the book. And yes, I’m looking at you, Harry Hole.


Seriously, I can’t think of a single reason that would ever make me want to start reading the Twilight series. Maybe money, but that would have to be quite a lot to make me want to waste my precious lifetime with these books. Same goes for Fifty Shades, of course.


„The Silver Linings Playbook“ by Matthew Quick is a good book that I enjoyed reading a lot but in my opinion the movie is just so much better because I found it to be much more positive than the novel and because I loved that Tiffany and Pat get much more attention than in the book. Also, no book character could ever compete with Jennifer Lawrence, so it’s a smashing victory for the movie 😉

I’m tagging Crini, Maraia (you can add this to your list of blog posts you can write when you finally have your own blog :P) and Jade

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  • I struggled with the audiobook for “The Night Circus” even as a re-read, so I’m not surprised it didn’t work for a first read. I don’t know if you would really like it any more if you read it again, but at least the timeline would make more sense. It’s definitely one of those books where the idea is better than the execution of it. I think it would make an amazing movie!

    I’m planning to read “The Three” even though plane crashes are one of my least favorite things ever, haha.

    Hahahaha, they totally got what they deserved. XD I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of people making fun of the Divergent trilogy. Have you watched the trailer for Allegiant? Sana asked me to watch it so we could laugh together, which is the only reason I subjected myself to it. You should also watch the Honest Trailers trailer for Divergent, it’s great. 😀

    OMG, I can’t believe you actually DNF’d a book. oO (I can see why, though, that sounds painfully boring, haha.)

    Still waiting for my first tag prompt…. 😛

    • Haha, the plane crash itself isn’t such a big part of the story, it’s rather about the myth behind the three survivors. And the concept of the book is cool because it’s a bit in the style of Illuminae/The Dead House etc.!

      I haven’t even watched the Divergent movie but they showed the Allegiant trailer before Star Wars and The 5th Wave and to be honest it didn’t look THAT bad 😀 I’ve heard that the movie won’t have a lot of common with the book anymore, so maybe that’s a good sign? XD

      I’m working on it, I just have to make you love even more books before so that it’s even more painful for you 😛

      • Oh, that definitely makes me want to read it! I already entered your giveaway for it.

        Maybe we were watching a different trailer. The one I saw was terrible. XD

        Hahaha, alright. I guess that’s a good answer. 🙂

  • I felt pretty “meh” about the night circus the first time i read it – I didn’t even realize I had read the whole thing when I picked it up to “try again”. I enjoyed it a lot the second time around, funny enough. I was really confused the first time I read it to because of the jumping around and the second time I knew what was going on already so I really got to know the characters better. It’s definitely possible you would like it more on reread 🙂 I love the Sliver Linings Playbook movie – haven’t read the book though! Thanks for the tag – I’m going to have to marinate on what some of my answers are going to be!

    • Maybe they’ll turn THE NIGHT CIRCUS into a movie one day so that I would have a good reason to pick up the book again 😀

      I can’t wait to read your post! 😉