TTT “Top 10 Tuesday” ist ein wöchentliches Meme von The Broke and the Bookish

I got more than 150 books last year which was quite a lot but of course I didn’t get all the books I had on my 2015 wishlist – which is on the one hand a bit sad because there are so many interesting books that I missed but on the other hand it gives me enough material for this week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic, the „Top 10 2015 releases I meant to get but to didn’t“. I decided to only list books that I don’t own already because next week’s topic already deals with books on the TBR pile, so here are the ten books where I regret the most that I didn’t buy and read them last year…


Bone Gap – Laura Ruby
It think it was Crini’s review that made me aware of this book for the first time and even though it’s not the kind of book that I would usually read I became very curious about it because according to Crini is was quite a unique and mysterious story and I wanted to know what exactly made that book so special. I think the only reason for why I haven’t bought it yet is that the hardcover is quite expensive, so maybe I’ll just wait for the paperback release before I finally get it.

Way Down Dark – James Smythe
This book was pitched as „perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent“ and even though I eventually ended up hating the Divergent series the Hunger Games part still made me quite curious. Unfortunately the price of this one was also quite high (who pays 18€ for a paperback?) and I wasn’t sure if the story would be worth it, so I guess I’ll rather wait for a cheaper edition or until the whole trilogy is out.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness
I’m still a bit behind when it comes to Patrick Ness’s books because I had only read „A Monster Calls“ and „More Than This“ until the end of 2015 and the main reason for why I didn’t get his latest novel (even though the book is SO pretty!) was that I wanted to read the Chaos Walking series first – at least I’ve already read „The Knife of Never Letting Go“ in the meantime…

Star Wars: Aftermath – Chuck Wendig
I’m usually excited about EVERY new Chuck Wendig novel and when I heard that he would write a Star Wars story I was even more excited but I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to books that are part of a movie franchise. Also the hardcover was very expensive and I was quite disappointed by Wendig’s latest novel „Zer0es“, so I ended up not buying it (for now).

Liar Liar – M.J. Arlidge
The Helen Grace mysteries have become one of my favorite thriller series and the only reason for why I didn’t get this one is that I still need to read the third book „The Doll’s House“ which has been on my TBR pile for quite a while now…


Welcome to Night Vale – Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor
I didn’t even know about the „Welcome to Night Vale“ podcast until I discovered the book on Goodreads but I decided for myself that it would probably be wiser to listen to the podcast first because I’m expecting lots of references in the story and was afraid I wouldn’t understand them. I’ve listened to more than 50 out of currently 80 episodes in the meantime so I hope to be able to buy the book soon!

The Game of Lives – James Dashner
Even though I didn’t enjoy the first two books of the „Mortality Doctrine“ trilogy as much as I had hoped I’m still curious about how this series will end, but I wasn’t excited about it enough to get it right on release date.

Snowblind – Ragnar Jónasson
I love reading Nordic mysteries and thrillers and since I went to Iceland last year I really wanted to read this one and was even close to buying it in a bookstore in Reykjavik but then didn’t because English books were quite expensive there. Back in Germany I then forgot about it but I still intend to read it some day.

The Devil’s Only Friend – Dan Wells
I originally intended to read the first three books in the John Cleaver series before the release date of book four but only managed to read the first two novels so far so this one will still have to wait a little while before I get it.

After the Crash – Michel Bussi
I want to read this book mostly for two reasons: 1) because it was compared to Stieg Larsson in a journalist’s praise for the book and 2) because the story reminded me a bit of Sarah Lotz’s „The Three“ which I LOVED and even though I didn’t get it in 2015 I’m definitely going to buy and read it this year.

Which 2015 releases did you mean to read but didn’t in the end?

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