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Compared to the just five books I’ve read in November the seven books I read last month were already a little improvement but overall December wasn’t a very strong reading month for me as well. I was busy with Christmas preparations and also my car suddenly decided that the end of the year would be a good time to just DIE, so I had to spent a lot of time at the car workshop and driving around borrowing cars from my parents or grandparents so that I could at least drive to work which was just so annoying because it kinda ruined the Christmas season for me this year…

Rereading Harry Potter \o/

BUT on the other hand I read a lot of REALLY amazing books in December which wasn’t such a big surprise since I decided to join Crini and Sana in their Harry Potter reread (at least until I fell hopelessly behind because I couldn’t find enough time to read^^). I started with the illustrated edition of „Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone“ which was SO awesome because Jim Kay’s illustrations where just perfect and it felt like reading the book and watching the movie at the same time. Unfortunately we will have to wait a while until the other books in this series will be published as illustrated editions, too, so I had to grab my filthy old paperback copies of „Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“ and „Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban“ – ugh 😀 But nonetheless I loved rereading these books, especially the third one because it’s my favorite HP book EVER.

Adventures in space and at sea

Another amazing book I’ve read in December was „Illuminae“ by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff which was just as awesome as everybody says and I was very surprised that I even enjoyed the romance because I really like Kady and Ezra and their teasings. I expected „Red Seas under Red Skies“ to be another great read since I loved the prequel „The Lies of Locke Lamora“ but unfortunately it turned out to be quite a disappointment for me – I missed almost everything that made the first book in this series so unique to me and it took me ages to finish this book.


The good news is that this was the only disappointing book for me in December. I also listed to two audiobooks which were pretty good, „Old School“ („The Sunshine Cruise Company“) by one of my favorite authors, John Niven, and the third book of David Baldacci’s John Puller series, „Escape“. So although I didn’t read a lot last month the book I DID read were pretty good.

TV shows

Whitechapel Gotham Agents of SHIELD Jessica Jones

I finally managed to watch the last season of WHITECHAPEL and I’m really sad that there won’t be any more episodes although I didn’t enjoy the fourth season as much as the previous ones. GOTHAM and AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. are in their mid-season breaks now which is quite annoying because they are my favorite shows at the moment. I’m also still not done with watching JESSICA JONES – I’m really enjoying it and love the protagonist but I have to admit that I just don’t find this show very addictive, so I often end up watching only one episode.

Scream Queens X-Files Bones Fargo

Let’s not lose to many words over SCREAM QUEENS because I still haven’t decided if I find it funny or just a waste of lifetime… Crini and I also continued our X-FILES marathon which we started in JULY (!) and we still haven’t finished season ONE (!) – well, isn’t that impressive? 😀 Others shows I made very little progress with in December were BONES and FARGO.

Tatortreiniger Luther Bletchley Circle Making a Murderer

The TATORTREINIGER („Crime Scene Cleaner“) is back and I think the new season 5 is my favorite so far, I really loved the episodes with the psychopathic cannibal couple and also the one with the weird guy in the ice cream parlor (just in case you’ve seen them and know what I’m talking about^^). Unfortunately it’s only available in German but who knows, maybe the Americans will do a US remake some time like they always do with successful European TV shows 😛 I also finally watched season 3 of LUTHER and WOW, I think’s it’s the best and most shocking season so far and I’m pretty sure LUTHER has become my favorite BBC show with this season. While spending Christmas at my parents‘ I watched the second and final season of THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE and it’s a shame that there won’t be another one. At the end of December I started watching the Netflix documentary MAKING A MURDERER and although I’ve only watched  a few episodes so far I find it pretty intriguing and I’m shocked how the authorities can just manipulate evidence so that an innocent man has to spend most of his life in jail.


Mockingjay Love Actually Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I didn’t watch a lot of movies in December but at least I managed to see MOCKINGJAY PART II which was pretty good once the whole action started. Since it was Christmas I also had to watch the usual Christmas movies and although I didn’t find the time to watch all the movies I had intended to watch (no NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS for me this year D:) I just HAD to watch my favorite ones.

The first one was LOVE ACTUALLY, the movie EVERYONE watches during the Christmas season. I had refused to watch this movie for more than 10 years until my sister kinda forced my to watch it while we were on a Christmas trip to London and there was a special LOVE ACTUALLY night in the movie theatre where everybody got mince pies and mulled wine. I swear there were no more than 3 guys (including myself) in the whole crowded cinema hall but it was a lot of fun because all the girls knew the movie by heart and where very enthusiastic about it and the movie itself was also SO MUCH BETTER than I had expected, so since then it’s a must-see for me every Christmas (but don’t tell anyone 😛 ).

Another favorite Christmas movie of mine is CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY which I always watch with my siblings – and the fat German boy with the terrible German accent keeps cracking me up every time 😀


AERA Career of Evil Old School One by One Mr. Monster Night Film

Leichenblässe The Dead House Der Giftzeichner Devil's Cape Wayward

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  • Making a Murder muss ich mir echt unbedingt mal angucken. Und Luther auch, irgendwann mal XD
    Kannst mit dem wenig lesen übrigens gerne noch ne Weile so weiter machen. Dann hab ich bessere Chancen mit meinen rereads.

    • Haha, ich hab ja jetzt schon fast genauso viel wie jeweils in den gesamten letzten beiden Monaten gelesen 😛

      Guck unbedingt Luther, das ist SO gut! Und da gibt’s auch ne interessante weibliche Psychopathin!! 😀

  • I’m trying to comment on your post BUT I’M TOO BUSY CRYING AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.


    Harry Potter makes up for everything. I’m disappointed that you stopped after book 3, though. 😛

    Was „Whitechapel“ really just last month? It feels like ages ago. I’m so glad you finally caught up on „Luther.“ I can’t wait for the new episode, even though then it will be over once again. I’m definitely going to watch more episodes of „Der Tatortreiniger“ (before it gets butchered by American TV), I just wish I could watch seasons 1-4. Wow, you’re really selling „X-Files.“ XD

    Really? Does everyone watch „Love Actually“ at Christmas? I think you’re making that up. I don’t even remember „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“ being a Christmas movie, so I guess I need to watch it again, haha.

    • EVERYONE watches it at Christmas, there are so many people in my timeline who watch it at least once before Christmas that I refuse to believe it’s only a German thing 😀

      I wouldn’t exactly call CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY a Christmas movie but the message of the movie fits to the season and it’s set in winter, so I just really like watching it at Christmas 😀

      Maybe I can manage to squeeze in the other HP books some time, depends on how the battle with Crini is going xD


  • I just recently started watching the X-Files. I’m really torn if I like it. I spend the majority of the time laughing at the awful special effects and camera angles. It’s a distraction XD. But I’m determined to finish the entire series, because I hear they are bringing the show back?!? Luther is so good. Maraia convinced me to watch it and I basically did nothing for a whole week besides watch that show. I’m so sad that it ended! I still need to watch Making a Murderer. I’ve heard that the documentary left our certain pieces of information, though. =\ But I’m not sure how true that is.

    • I have to say that I think I DO like X-Files but all the old episodes are a bit difficult to watch because it’s just like you say, you can see in every scene that they are more than 20 years old (Scully’s suits and haircuts are SO ridiculous xD)

      And yes, there will be a new mini-series with six new episodes starting this January, that was why I wanted to watch old the old seasons in the first place (didn’t really work out, I guess^^)

      I don’t know about all the real facts in the MAKING A MURDERER case and I have only watched 4 episodes so far, but what I’ve already seen is indeed quite shocking…

  • I read next to nothing in December – but at least I read Illuminae and used it for … like every single uni seminar as an example for whatever I needed an example for. I was really pushing this book on anyone dumb enough to be near me.

    Well, your definition of marathoning is quite fascinating. A snail would be faster xD

    • ILLUMINAE was so fucking awesome, I really didn’t expect it to be that good and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one

      But marathons always take a looooong time! (It’s still quite embarrassing that we’re still in season 1 XD)