Since a few of you are probably still thinking about whether reading Daniel Price’s „The Flight of the Silvers“ or not, we thought we might offer you a little help by finding out if this epic alternate earth story (which you really shouldn’t miss!) is the right book for you. That’s why Crini and I made a list with some well-known books that are in some ways similar to Silvers because they share some mutual elements like characters with superpowers or the alternate world setting. So if you like at least one of the following books we are pretty sure that you’re going to LOVE „The Flight of the Silvers“.


If you loved the awesome superpowers of the Epics in Brandon Sanderson’s STEELHEART you’re going to love the Silvers because they have some pretty cool special abilities that mostly work with time-bending. Who wouldn’t want to move faster through time than everyone else, talk to your future self or rewind time? Another superhero novel where you meet a bunch of characters with some really awesome powers is DEVIL’S  CAPE by Rob Rogers that also has a quite unique setting with its own historical timeline. If you love reading especially about teenagers with superpowers like in Emily Lloyd-Jones‘ ILLUSIVE or Robison Wells‘ BLACKOUT you just have to meet THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVER’s gifted teens Mia Farisi and David Dormer – especially since David’s superpower is quite similar to the one of the female protagonist in ILLUSIVE. And if you consider characters that explore the dark side of having superpowers more interesting (like in Victoria Schwabs VICIOUS) you’re for sure going to have a lot of fun with the twisted Evan Rander. 😉


Marcus Sakeys BRILLIANCE has another Scifi story that deals with people that have special gifts and if you thought that their abilities weren’t cool enough, you really should check out Daniel Price’s novel. Besides the superpowers stuff there is another important element that makes THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS so awesome: the super-interesting alternate earth setting. So if you love diving into parallel universes which base on the earth as we know it but have their own historical timeline like in Adam Christopher’s EMIRE STATE or Jasper Fforde’s THE EYRE AFFAIR, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Daniel Price’s Altamerica with its flying restaurants or cinemas where you can watch 2-hour-movies in no more than 20 minutes!

Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN and David Ramirez‘ THE FOREVER WATCH have neither characters with superpowers (though Weir’s MacGyver-like astronaut Mark Whatney sometimes seems to have them) nor are they set in a parallel universe, but they share another thing with THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS: credibility. Whether it’s about surviving years alone on Mars with no more like a few potatoes to eat, searching a new habitat for humanity in outer space or being rescued from the apocalypse by some mysterious alien people with egg-shaped portals – the authors of these books are so outstanding in their world-building that you totally believe everything they have in store for you – even if it’s a microwave that can restore rotten food by turning back time…

So if you have enjoyed one or several of the books above: What are you still waiting for? Go get your hands on Daniel Price’s THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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  • Hm, von den oben genannten habe ich tatsächlich nur den Marsianer gelesen, da habe ich wohl noch Nachholbedarf 🙂 Aber das ist ja schließlich keine Grundvoraussetzung, um von The Flight of the Silvers begeistert zu sein. Und hey, wenn mir das gefällt, weiß ich wenigstens, auf welche Bücher ich danach noch zurückgreifen kann 🙂

    • Ich würde sagen die Liste funktioniert auf jeden Fall auch umgekehrt: Wenn man FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS mochte könnte man durchaus auch mit den anderen Büchern seinen Spaß haben 😉