Ein Jahreswechsel ist immer auch der Zeitpunkt, um auf die vergangenen 12 Monate zurückzublicken, und in den letzten Jahren ist es bei mir zur lieb gewonnenen Tradition geworden, mein persönliches Lesejahr im Rahmen der „BuchSaiten Blogparade“ Revue passieren zu lassen. Dieser etwas andere Jahresrückblick, bei dem es nicht um unbedingt um die besten oder schlechtesten […]

“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish For quite a while now I’m feeling like I’m having the best TBR pile I’ve ever had because out of the 80 unread books on my shelves I want to read at least 40 right away, that’s what made it super difficult for […]

“Top 10 Tuesday” ist ein wöchentliches Meme von The Broke and the Bookish I have been very excited about this week’s TTT topic because for several weeks now I’ve been feeling like I’m having the best TBR pile of my whole life and every time I finish a book it feels like heaven because there are […]

Originally I didn’t intend to buy a lot of books in December to not let my TBR pile grow any bigger and still be able to end the year with a positive balance – but I guess that didn’t really work out, although I don’t think I alone can be blamed for this because I […]