Review by Maraia I’ve read quite a few books in the last year about police violence, including The Hate U Give. Anger Is a Gift book blows them all out of the water. It directly address police brutality and systematic oppression without sugarcoating a thing, and it will leave you feeling both angry and helpless. […]

When Mara wakes up she finds herself surrounded by thick mist, lying in a field of dead grass and having no idea where she is or how she got there. All she can remember is her name and she isn’t even sure if she’s still alive or if she’s wandering through some kind of weird afterlife. […]

Percy Jackson would rather spend some worry-free days with his friend Rachel but with the great battle against the Titans coming closer it’s impossible for him to even think of going on vacation in these days of almost open war. Instead he is called to join the surprise attack on the enemy cruise ship „Princess […]

Ein Junge kämpft im Meer verzweifelt gegen die Wellen an, doch mit jeder Minute im eisigen Wasser verlassen ihn immer mehr seine Kräfte. Panisch versucht er, seinen Kopf über die Wasseroberfläche zu bringen, doch gegen die Gewalt des Ozeans ist er machtlos. Er realisiert, dass er in diesem Moment sterben wird, ganz alleine im Meer […]