It was a mere coincidence when I stumbled upon „The Flight of the Silvers“ back in 2013. It must have been a rather random retweet on Twitter and the book only caught my attention because I found the cover quite nice and the rainbow effect of the shiny silver dust jacket looked pretty cool – […]

When it comes to my trusted bookish friends there seem to be three authors that can easily create a mass hysteria whenever they have a new book coming out (and also every time in between^^): Patrick Ness (of whom I’ve read only three books so far but can definitely already see why everybody loves him/his […]

Brandon Sanderson’s „Calamity“, the final installment in the Reckoners trilogy, has been one of my most anticipated 2016 releases since I read the final page of „Firefight“ and I have been looking forward to reading it for a whole year. I was not only excited about how David and his Reckoners team would deal with […]