I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really look as if I’m successfully restraining myself from buying a lot of book this year but the truth is that I’ve only bought four physical books by myself in the first two months of 2017 which I’m actually a little bit proud of. „Unfortunately“ my TBR isn’t really getting any […]

After the December of Shame where I had gotten waaay too many books January was at least a little progress but it was still a tough month for my TBR. Once again I could claim that most of last month’s book haul wasn’t really my fault because I only bought two print books in January but I […]

My December book hauls are always unpredictable, not necessarily because it’s Christmas and I would get lots of bookish surprises (I usually only get books I explicitly wish for) but rather because I tend to panic buying books before the year ends so that I can at least try to stick to New Year’s resolutions […]

You might remember from my previous newbie post that my March book haul got a little bit out of hand, so I’m relieved that April didn’t continue my downfall but left me with a still reasonable number of new books – nine new books & eBooks isn’t that much, right? 😉 And two of them didn’t even […]