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Usually when it comes to lists with most anticipated books I’m having a hard time picking just 10 out of all the upcoming books I want to read right away but somehow I have noticed that I have grown a bit less excited about new releases.

I still haven’t found that many interesting books that get published in 2017 which on the one hand is good for my bank account but on the other hand I kinda miss the excitement from the past. However I eventually managed to find ten books of the first half of 2017 that I REALLY want to read (listed in chronological order of their release date).


Rattle – Fiona Cummins
„A psychopath more frightening than Hannibal Lecter.“ – This is already enough to make me curious about this serial killer thriller, now add „terrifying cat-and-mouse game“, „macabre museum“ and let the story take place in London and I’m sold.

The Girl Before – J.P. Delaney
I have been hearing about this book for months and been desperately trying to get approved for an ARC but had no luck getting one, which only intensified my anticipation for „the next generation of thriller“ and „must-read thriller of the season“ (God, I’m so easy to be lured in…). Now it’s one of only 3 titles I have already pre-ordered for 2017 and it better won’t disappoint.

Ragdoll – Daniel Cole
Talking about London and serial killers: Here’s another 2017 thriller that is already being hyped as the „standout thriller of the year“ and how am I supposed to resist a thriller where the serial killer stitches his victims together like a puppet and plays a diabolic game with the public?

A Mask of Shadows – Oscar de Muriel
I still haven’t read the second book in the Frey & McGray series but I’m already looking forward to the third one, even though I’m a bit disappointed by the cover this time and also the fact that the publisher decided to release it in hardcover first which means I’m probably going to have to wait another few months for my next trip to the dangerous Victorian Edinburgh.

Thunderbird – Chuck Wendig
After 3 years of waiting and a lot of upsetting news about publishers and cover re-designs I still don’t really believe that we finally get to read the fourth book in the Miriam Black series in February and I really hope it will be worth the wait.

The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon
After making us wait more than 2 years for the third book in the Bone Season series and upsetting us with stupid cover design changes it’s finally time for the continuation of Paige Mahoney’s fight in London’s underground and thanks to the pretty Collector’s Edition that I’ve already pre-ordered I can actually look forward again to this new release.

Waking Gods – Sylvain Neuvel
I feel like I’m one of the few people who didn’t join the massive hype about Neuvel’s debut novel „Sleeping Giants“ this year, nonetheless I’m still looking forward to the sequel because the story and the concept still have a lot of potential – I just hope the author can use it better than in the first book.

City of Miracles – Robert Jackson Bennett
I’m far away from being an avid fantasy reader but I think that so far this is my most anticipated release in 2017. I absolutely loved „City of Stairs“ and „City of Blades“ and can’t wait to go back into this amazing world that is so full of divine history. It makes me really sad that this is apparently going to be the last book in the Divine Cities series but I’m so excited for the violent Dreyling Sigrud to become the main character – this is going to be awesome! Also, COVER LOVE GALORE!

The White Road – Sarah Lotz
Sarah Lotz’s „The Three“ is still one of my all-time favorite mystery thrillers and I have been impatiently waiting for her new novel and the blurb for „The White Road“ sounds SO exciting! I love expedition stories and what could be a better place for a gripping survival thriller than the Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world?

The Marsh King’s Daughter – Karen Dionne
Another book that’s being pitched as „the suspense thriller of the year“ but the story about a woman who grew up in captivity, was raised to be a killer and now has to face her tormentor again after he escaped from prison sounds really interesting and I’m not going to miss it.

Which early 2017 releases are looking forward to?

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  • I have yet to get and read Sleeping Giants but I have heard mostly good things about that one, yes. I didn’t realize until recently it wasn’t a standalone though, haha.

  • I agree about Sleeping Giants, I thought it was okay but didn’t really get the hype. I am mildly curious about the next one though. And The Girl Before and A Mask of shadows both look good to me.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t blown away by „Sleeping Giants“ 😀

      „A Mask of Shadows“ is already the third book in the series, I definitely recommend starting with „The Strings or Murder“! 😉

  • I guess I need to add all of these to my TBR. xD

    Obviously I’m most looking forward to „A Conjuring of Light.“ I hope it lives up to my outrageous expectations! I’m also looking forward to „Strange the Dreamer.“ But really, other than some of the ones you have listed, there’s not much else that I’m DYING to read right away. I think I’ll be a little busy next year. 😉

  • Dann wirst du Neuvel ja sicher eher lesen, als ich – bin mal auf dein Fazit gespannt! Sonst werd ich wohl Giants einfach so stehen lassen, auch wenn mir der Stil ja irgendwie gefallen hat 😉

    Und eine neue Sara Lotz?! Damn it! Ich sollte doch auf englisch umschwenken XD

    „the girl before“ klingt auch sehr interessant – mh , mal schaun, was du dazu meinst!

    • Naja mal sehen, es steht bei mir jetzt nicht ganz weit oben auf der Wunschliste, zumal das englische HC auch noch weit über 20€ kostet, so viel ist mir das eigentlich nicht wert nach dem ersten Band.

      Sarah Lotz hingegen ist für mich ein absoluter Pflichtkauf 🙂

      „The Girl Before“ kommt glaube ich auch im Frühjahr schon auf Deutsch raus und so wie das gerade schon gehypt wird arbeiten die doch auch bestimmt schon an der Verfilmung XD