This week’s Bookish Scene: Project 52 theme „Peace“ provided quite a challenge for me because I couldn’t find a single book on my shelves that would come with a peaceful message – which shouldn’t be a big surprise since I mostly read thrillers and crime novels.

That’s why I had to go with the not very subtle solution and formed a peace sign with some of my books. Better don’t read the book titles because most of them couldn’t be farther away from peace, but I at least wanted to go with a peaceful color and picked only white books for my picture – and hey, „I don’t want to kill you“ somehow definitely counts as a peaceful message ;P

BookishScene: Project 52 is a bookish Instagram challenge hosted by Joséphine (@wordrevel) and Georgie (@whatgeorgiedid), Further information can be found on both their blogs where you can also see a preview of the upcoming themes.

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  • You really couldn’t have picked less peaceful books if you’d tried. I love it. XD

    • Of course this was on purpose to give this picture an even deeper meaning by showing the contrast between violence and peace XD

      It’s hilarious that almost all my white books have a violent title, they all look so innocent XD