“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish We all try to expand our horizons when finding new books and want to see fresh ideas but let’s not deny that there are some things we just can’t resist when we browse for new stuff to read. Some people never get sick of love […]

If we have learned one thing from science fiction movies and novels that deal with time travel then it’s the fact that it’s usually not a good idea to mess with time itself because you can never know what grave consequences only minor changes to the timeline can have. And even in Wesley Chu’s „Time […]

I have always been a sucker for time travel stories but not because I’m fascinated by going back and forward in time and see the world of the past or get a glimpse at our possible futures, but because I like how thinking about time traveling messes with my brain. I’m not very good at physics and […]