„The 5th Wave“ and „The Infinite Sea“, the first two installments in Rick Yancey’s young adult SciFi trilogy, easily belonged to my favorite books in 2014 and 2015 so it was no surprise that „The Last Star“ was one of my most anticipated releases in 2016, especially after the mindfuck that the second book gave me in […]

Personally 2016 has been a highly anticipated bookish year for me because with Brandon Sanderson’s „Reckoners“ series, Rick Yancey’s „The 5th Wave“ books and Pierce Brown’s „Red Rising“ saga three of my favorite science fiction science fiction trilogies came to an end within just a few weeks. While „Calamity“ seemed way too rushed in the […]

If we have learned one thing from science fiction movies and novels that deal with time travel then it’s the fact that it’s usually not a good idea to mess with time itself because you can never know what grave consequences only minor changes to the timeline can have. And even in Wesley Chu’s „Time […]

I was pretty excited about reading the last installment of Marie Lu’s Legend series because it got so many extremely positive reviews and a lot of my fellow book lovers were raving about „Champion“ being the perfect ending of a great dystopia so that my expectations were quite high, even though the first two books […]

Todd Hewitt is only one month away from turning thirteen years old – and in Prentisstown, the small settlement where he grew up and spent his whole life, turning thirteen already means becoming a man. But Prentisstown is no town like others, especially for Todd who is the last boy in this last settlement of the […]