“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

Instead of listing my favorite fictional dads (because let’s be honest, they’re few and far between), I want to share some of the books my own dad and I have read together. I inherited my love of reading from both of my parents, but it was my dad who read out loud to me, who gave me my love of fantasy, and who read 90% of the books I read while growing up. Any time I set a book down, it was at risk of being whisked away and read by my dad. It was great to have someone to talk about my books with, though, and I always appreciated the effort he made to stay informed of my reading choices. Even now, we enjoy swapping book recommendations back and forth. (mehr …)

May was an even better reading month for us than April, in terms of both quantity and quality. We only acquired eight new books between the two of us, three of which were gifts, so our TBR pile decreased once again. We also started writing Top Ten Tuesday posts again, which are always fun. Despite all our reading, we still managed to see two great movies in theaters, continue our TV shows, and eat a lot of birthday cake. That’s what we call a successful month! (mehr …)

Auch wenn im Juni auf den ersten Blick vielleicht die ganz großen Namen fehlen, so hat der letzte Monat der ersten Jahreshälfte doch einige Krimi- und Thriller-Highlights zu bieten, die für einen spannenden Frühsommer sorgen dürften. Fans skandinavischer Krimis können sich zum Beispiel gleich über mehrere vielversprechende Titel freuen und auch die deutschsprachigen Autoren stehen mit mehreren interessanten Büchern in den Startlöchern. Dazu gibt es ernst zunehmende Konkurrenz für Ben Aaronovitchs Kult-Ermittler Peter Grant, einen echten Grusel-Schocker für die besonders Hartgesottenen und düstere Thriller-Action für alle Fans der Filme „Se7en“ und „Das Schweigen der Lämmer“ – Langeweile dürfte da bestimmt nicht aufkommen. (mehr …)

“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

If you can be sure about one thing then it’s the fact that our bookish wishlists are always full to bursting point so that we didn’t have to think long about finding books we’re excited for in the second half of 2017. What was actually quite a challenge was cutting these lists down to just 10 books but we’re very happy with the result and optimistic the listed books will indeed be real highlights and hopefully even become new favorites. (mehr …)

Personally 2016 has been a highly anticipated bookish year for me because with Brandon Sanderson’s „Reckoners“ series, Rick Yancey’s „The 5th Wave“ books and Pierce Brown’s „Red Rising“ saga three of my favorite science fiction science fiction trilogies came to an end within just a few weeks. While „Calamity“ seemed way too rushed in the end and „The Last Star“ also felt quite underwhelming to me, all my hopes were then set on „Morning Star“ and I’m not sure if I would have survived three disappointing trilogy endings in a row – thankfully Pierce Brown didn’t disappoint. (mehr …)

“Top 10 Tuesday” is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

We’re not ones to spend an entire week reading on the beach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good summer read. The only thing is, how do you define the perfect summer read? A fluffy, quick read? A book set in the sweltering desert? We weren’t entirely sure how to answer that question, so our list ranges from your classic YA beach read to what we hope are a few unexpected suggestions. (mehr …)

I’m usually not that much into historical fiction but books like Alex Grecian’s Murder Squad series about a subdivision of Scotland Yard that was formed to face the new and terrifying kind of crime that Jack the Ripper has brought to England in the late 19th century have led to me becoming quite a big fan of historical crime fiction, especially when it’s set in Victorian London. Grecian’s books have been a special gem in this subgenre to me from the very first novel, not only because I found the mysteries intriguing and was captivated by the dark atmosphere but also because I’ve grown fond of every single character that belongs to the Murder Squad, a bunch of policemen and forensics that are willing to give their lives for justice and for each other. (mehr …)

Laut dem „Global Peace Index 2016“ gilt Island als das sicherste Land der Welt und wird nur alle paar Jahre Mal von einem Mordfall erschüttert, trotzdem hat der kleine Staat mit nur 330.000 Einwohnern bereits eine Vielzahl sehr erfolgreicher Kriminalautoren hervorgebracht, die mit ihren Büchern nicht nur die Bestsellerlisten stürmen, sondern die so friedliche Insel auch als eines der beliebtesten Krimi-Settings etabliert haben. Zu dieser illustren Gesellschaft mit Autoren wie Arnaldur Indriðason oder Ragnar Jónasson zählt auch die Isländerin Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, die nicht nur mit ihrer Reihe um die Anwältin Þóra Guðmundsdóttir, sondern auch einigen eigenständigen Romanen wie dem Grusel-Thriller „Geisterfjord“ viele Fans gewonnen hat. Diesen präsentiert die Autorin mit ihrem neuen Roman „DNA“ nun eine weitere neue Krimireihe, die natürlich wieder in ihrer Heimat Island spielt. (mehr …)

April was a very successful reading month since I not only managed to finish ten books but also only got three new ones which means that I reduced my TBR pile by seven books – wooohooo! I’m really proud of resisting to buy any books at all in April – besides my two monthly audiobook credits by Audible but those don’t really count 😛 (mehr …)

Draußen wird es (hoffentlich) langsam wärmer, sodass endlich wieder lange Lesetage auf dem Balkon oder im Garten auf der Tagesordnung stehen können. Passend dazu erscheinen auch im Mai wieder einige heiße Neuerscheinungen, die auf einen spannenden und gruseligen Frühling hoffen lassen. (mehr …)

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