Es ist eigentlich nur ein Set von bemalten oder bedruckten Papierkärtchen, trotzdem hat das Kartenspiel in seiner Historie schon über unzählige Schicksale entschieden. Seit Jahrhunderten sind Menschen von der Macht des Spiels fasziniert und auch wenn Poker, Skat, Doppelkopf oder Mau-Mau für die meisten lediglich zum kurzweiligen Zeitvertreib dienen, so stürzen die Karten immer wieder […]

Before I started reading „Rivers of London“ by Ben Aaronovitch I had often heard about people describing it as „Harry Potter for adults“ (which sounds really wrong to me because why wouldn’t the Harry Potter series itself already be for adults?) and while this had definitely made me more curious about the book it was […]

If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would voluntarily read a book about mermaids than I would have laughed in their face because let’s be honest: if you hear the word „mermaid“ you automatically think of creatures that look like the characters in the Disney movie „The Little Mermaid“ – pretty, lovely, charming and […]

After the devastating Battle of Bulikov, army veteran and war hero General Turyin Mulaghesh decided to retire from the Saypuri army and to everyone’s surprise settled down on the resort island of Javrat – far away from the continuous conflict between the Saypuri and the Continent. But while Mulaghesh is trying to leave her past […]

As I never get tired to mention I’m not such an avid fantasy reader and don’t fall easily for books from this genre. I don’t get in the mood for fantasy very often and when I do I usually get very picky when it comes to choosing a book and it often needs a lot of […]

When I read the first chapters of William Ritter’s young adult fantasy novel „Jackaby“ almost two years ago I soon realized that this was about to become a new favorite series of mine. I’ve always been a sucker for historical crime fiction especially when it’s set in the late 19th century and if you also […]

I have the weird and unbreakable habit that I just cannot NOT finish a book once I’ve started it which is often quite annoying because it makes me spend way too much precious reading time on bad or just average books. But there are also a very few cases where this quirk comes in handy, […]

Fans von Kult-Reihen wie „Die drei ???“ oder „Die fünf Freude“ wissen es seit Jahr(zehnt)en und auch bei der breiten Masse setzt sich immer mehr die Erkenntnis durch: Hörspiele sind nicht nur „was für Kinder“, sondern können mit spannenden Geschichten und tollen Produktionen auch erwachsenen Hörern ein beeindruckendes Kopfkino bieten. Dies hat auch der Hörbuchanbieter […]

When Mara wakes up she finds herself surrounded by thick mist, lying in a field of dead grass and having no idea where she is or how she got there. All she can remember is her name and she isn’t even sure if she’s still alive or if she’s wandering through some kind of weird afterlife. […]

When it comes to my trusted bookish friends there seem to be three authors that can easily create a mass hysteria whenever they have a new book coming out (and also every time in between^^): Patrick Ness (of whom I’ve read only three books so far but can definitely already see why everybody loves him/his […]

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